Eggplant Piglet

Eggplant was brought to European countries and other continents from Asia, more precisely, from India. This vegetable grows there not one, but two, three years completely without care, like a weed.

In temperate climates, it is recommended to grow eggplants in a greenhouse or using a covering material in the garden.

The shape and color of the fruit is varied. Most of the overseas vegetable is colored deep dark purple, but there are also light purple and even white eggplants.

This article will focus on a bright representative of light purple varieties - Piglet eggplant.


Eggplant "Piglet" belongs to the mid-season varieties. The cultivated plant is intended for cultivation mainly indoors. In the open field, the culture can be cultivated only if the so-called warm beds are created or in a warmer southern-climatic region.

Fruits on medium-sized bushes ripen 110 days after sowing seeds into the soil.

Ripe vegetables, as you can see in the photo, are light purple in color and rounded. Fruit weight reaches 315 grams. The yield of the variety is high.

The pulp is white, dense, without a bitter aftertaste.

In cooking, the fruits of this variety are used to prepare caviar, various preparations for the winter.

Features of growing and care

The eggplant plant is not particularly whimsical, but nevertheless, observing some basic rules of growing will help you to get a good harvest of this vegetable.

Secrets of growing a heat-loving foreigner:

  • the right place for planting seedlings is half the battle;
  • the worst enemies of the vegetable are draft and pests;
  • abundant watering and feeding is not a luxury, but a necessity;
  • timely pruning of the plant to the first root fork, as well as the removal of stepchildren, is a prerequisite for good growth of the bush and obtaining maximum yield.

Advice! When choosing a place to plant your eggplant, remember that the best precursors to the plant are beans, greens, and carrots.

How to properly care for a vegetable crop in a warm garden, you will learn from this video:


Olga Denisovna, 42 years old, Perm

Every year I try to plant a new variety of eggplant on my site. This year I tried to grow Piglet. The seeds sprout quickly and amicably. I planted the seedlings in a greenhouse. I harvested the first crop in June. The variety turned out to be surprisingly high-yielding. Fruits of a round shape, unusual for a traditional eggplant. The vegetables taste delicious, they don't taste bitter at all. I made adjika from eggplant. Next year I will definitely plant the "Piglet" variety again.

Ivan Petrovich, 56 years old, Tver

The "Piglet" variety began to grow relatively recently: 3-4 years ago. Happy with the harvest. Every year I collect up to 5 kg of vegetables from one square meter of the garden. The variety is liked for its excellent taste. The pulp is tender, without the bitterness characteristic of many eggplants. I cook caviar from a vegetable, as well as marinate and preserve for the winter. I recommend to all gardeners as a high-yielding, unpretentious and tasty variety.

Watch the video: Eggplant Polpettini Recipe -- in 60 seconds -- from Eggplant cookbook (November 2021).

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