Snow blower Huter SCG 8100c on tracks

Snow blower Huter SCG 8100c on tracks

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There are quite a few varieties of snow blower models. Consumers can easily choose equipment in accordance with their capabilities and the required amount of work. Models on tracks stand out as a separate group. The advantages of such units are great, but before buying, re-evaluate the operating conditions of the snow blower on the site.

Advantages and disadvantages of tracked snow blowers

Of course, the main advantage is the caterpillars.

The movement of the tracked snow blower is characterized by high cross-country ability. Snowy or slippery surfaces are irrelevant for a snow blower on tracks.

No slippage, excellent traction - all this will ensure quality performance on ice, steep slopes and difficult terrain. All types of tracked snowblowers are self-propelled and equipped with multi-speed gearboxes.

Another advantage is the self-propelledness and maneuverability of the tracked snow blower, which is in no way inferior to wheeled vehicles. The only difference is the slower turning, but the differential lock makes it very easy to turn the car around the axle. A tracked snow blower also cannot slip in a snowdrift, this compares favorably with its wheeled counterpart.

Many models additionally have a special mechanism that allows you to change the center of gravity of the machine. With its help, you can independently select the degree of inclination of the nose of the tracked snow blower.

In terms of their configuration, tracked models are very profitable and outperform similar vehicles on wheels. The technical equipment of the snowplow on tracks always contains:

  • heating system for handles;
  • electric starter to start the engine;
  • remote way of blocking the differential;
  • halogen headlight for additional lighting.

These technical solutions make it possible to ensure comfortable work in difficult conditions.

The tracked snow blower has significant advantages, but the disadvantages that are present cannot be ignored:

  1. Models on tracks require high flotation, so they are designed with a large working width. If the width of the tracks on the site is less than 60 cm, then it will be difficult to work in cramped conditions. This is the minimum working width for tracked vehicles.
  2. The speed at which the snow crawler unit moves is lower than that of the wheeled unit. But given its ability to clear caked, wet or crusty snow from driveways, this is hardly a drawback.
  3. Another relative disadvantage of a tracked snow blower is cost. In relation to the capabilities of technology, it is justified. But it is not suitable for all summer residents.

The German brand Huter is considered a quality manufacturer of tracked snowblowers. His machines are practical, reliable and highly productive.

Model Description

The Huter SCG 8100 snow blower is designed for comfortable and high-quality snow clearance in private small areas.

The unit will do an excellent job of cleaning access roads, pedestrian paths, open areas. The Huter SCG 8100 snow blower is a self-propelled device that moves with a drive. The gearbox has 5 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. Reliable tread on the wheels of the tracked snow blower eliminates slipping and slipping on the snow surface.

The snow blower 8100 is a petrol unit equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke engine. Gasoline for work is used by an inexpensive AI-92 brand, which is very affordable. Starting is done either with a manual starter or with an electric starter.

Snow removal is carried out by the working part of the machine. The Huter SCG 8100c snow blower is able to qualitatively clear snow cover up to 0.5 meters thick. Snow masses are ejected 15 meters from the cleaning area.
Operation of the tracked snow blower does not require additional knowledge. An adult, having carefully studied the instructions, can easily cope with the nuances of driving. The steering knobs on the tracked, reliable snow blower have heated pads to keep the driver's hands free from freezing.

The Huter SCG 8100 snow blower is a product of the manufacturer's accumulated experience.

The unit is powerful and at the same time very compact, multifunctional and easy to operate. The Huter SCG 8100c tracked snow blower is constructed from durable materials and perfectly matched parts. All controls are in close proximity to the operator, and the handles are easily adjustable for his height.

The amount of fuel for refueling the Huter SCG 8100c tracked snow blower is 6.5 liters, it is enough for a long time of full operation at maximum power.

The auger is made of steel, the knives are made in a special shape that allows you to collect and remove snow of different thicknesses. A powerful fan is installed to suck in the collected snow, the direction of discharge is easily set with a special handle.

Important! Before starting work, be sure to check the oil level in the crankcase and the presence of gasoline with a dipstick.


Customers are happy to leave feedback on the Huter SCG 8100 snow blower to share their impressions:

Sergey Aksenov, Novosibirsk

I am satisfied with the purchase. The price is considerable, but the unit is inexpensive to maintain. Gasoline for the Huter SCG 8100 model is available, the quality allows it to work for a long time without repair and replacement of spare parts. I worked without interruptions all winter. In the cold, I started it manually without problems. With compressed hard snow, I lower the nose lower, clean the freshly fallen snow in the horizontal position of the bow, and raise the bucket on the terrain. Everything happens quickly and easily. I am very pleased with the number of speeds. There is always an opportunity to choose the optimal one.

Taras Pogozhev, Ust-Kamenogorsk

After the purchase, I had to seek advice from the company's specialists. Very happy with the service. I have already worked two winters on my Huter and not a single repair. Excellent technique.

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