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How to accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings

Once again, good day to all! Tell me, what can I do with tomato seedlings? It is all frail, weak, see height 10-18, the leaves are small, and planted at the end of the month. How to push it or will it grow again? Can shed epin?


The fact that the seedlings are small is not important; it is important that the root system grows now. Temper.

After you land in the soil, after about 10 days, pour with nitrogen-containing fertilizer and everything will be ok!

Or potassium permanganate

I also have poor seedlings. Windows to the northeast, on the loggia and in the apartment without heating are also not hot. I planted all the seedlings of tomatoes under a double covering 60. I thought that they were better off

Spray Athlete, it helped us

An athlete, on the contrary, for overgrown seedlings, inhibits growth

And why not plant in the ground? You are already warm!

Try Agricola Forward, a liquid fertilizer for seedlings.

Pour yeast. I also have a frail tomato seedling for some reason this year. Planted in a greenhouse and poured yeast. It helped come to life before our eyes. Julia has a video on YouTube.

I also had a thin tomato seedling (for the first time) and I poured it with birch sap, at my own peril and risk. And she "pulled." Now very decent

Buy energy in capsules, and pour, seedlings immediately become beautiful, and healthy