Slime webcap: photo and description

Slime cobweb is a conditionally edible forest inhabitant of the Spiderweb family, but due to the lack of mushroom taste and smell, it is rarely used in cooking. Grows in mixed forests, begins bearing fruit from June to September. Since the species has inedible counterparts, you need to study the external data and be able to recognize it from its poisonous counterparts.

Description of the slime webcap

The slime webcap can be eaten, but in order not to confuse it with poisonous specimens, familiarization with it begins with a description of the cap and leg. Also, it will not be unimportant to view photos and videos.

In rainy weather, the surface is covered with mucus

Description of the hat

A young, bell-shaped surface, 3-5 cm in size, straightens as it grows, maintaining a slight elevation in the center. An adult specimen has a large bonnet, its color ranges from light coffee to olive. The edges are uneven, wavy. In dry weather, the skin is glossy, during rain it is covered with a thick mucous membrane.

The lower layer is formed by gray-red thin, partially adherent plates. Reproduction occurs by microscopic, oval spores, which are in an ocher powder.

The spore layer is formed by frequent, adherent plates

Leg description

The fleshy, long leg reaches 20 cm. The fusiform shape is covered with light blue skin and has a small ring from the remainder of the bedspread. White or coffee pulp is fleshy, tasteless and odorless.

The leg is long, fleshy

Where and how it grows

The fungus grows in mixed forests on fertile soil. Fruiting all summer singly or in small families.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Slime cobweb belongs to group 4, it is conditionally edible, but it is not very popular among mushroom pickers due to the lack of taste and smell. But if it got into the basket after a long heat treatment, it is suitable for preparing side dishes and canned dishes.

Doubles and their differences

The slime webcap, like other representatives of the mushroom kingdom, has similar counterparts. These include:

  1. Triumphant is an edible species. It can be recognized by the bell-shaped, slimy cap of yellow-brown color. Grows in small groups from July to October. After a long boil, it is suitable for preparing fried, marinated and salty dishes.

    Used in cooking fried

  2. Light buffy - a poisonous specimen that, after consumption, can lead to death. This species has a dense, fleshy bluish-purple flesh, tasteless and odorless. The light brown surface is mucous, has a hemispherical shape. The leg is long, fleshy and dense, covered with a light coffee skin.


The slime webcap is a conditionally edible inhabitant of the forest. The mushroom is fried, stewed, canned, but it is not used in cooking without preliminary heat treatment. It grows among spruce and deciduous trees, bears fruit throughout the warm period.

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