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How to deal with thrips

How to deal with thrips

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My marigold is eating thrips. What kind of crap is this? Faced for the first time. Sprayed Intavir, I do not know if it will help? Who faced this? How to fight? Sorry for the flowers.


This year I’m saving myself with a spark, it helps!

Are you in the garden or at home saved?

While the seedlings are all at home

I also bought a spark on the advice, but the seller said! Only in og

Nothing like this. The first time, at my own peril and risk, I splashed gloxinia blooming already, it helped right away! Later sprinkled peppers and verbena-all

Do you often process? Where could I catch them I don’t understand? Can plants be cured? Or is it forever? I’m afraid, as if in a garden, they didn’t run across, then the trouble will be. But what’s the most interesting. They themselves are not visible. I see only traces and black dots, I can’t see anything crawling or running.

And you don’t put a bag on top? Earth spilled with this drug?

Once is usually enough. I didn’t put on a bag. I sprinkle it all

Thanks! How to breed there is written?

It also seems to me that phytoverm does not help, I’m afraid to poison everything completely with a spark

And yesterday I cultivated an intavir and shed the whole seedlings of flowers, and in a package for a day, I don’t know if it will help? I'm afraid that he has already climbed to indoor flowers. I already have panic fear starting to develop.

Yes, I already do not pay attention to homework. The most interesting thing is that they eat everything on a glassed-in balcony, thrips or midges, I don’t even know. But everything is fine in the room.

And on my windowsill such a misfortune happened. It’s good that the tomatoes were already planted in the greenhouse and the pepper and cucumbers were immediately taken to another room. I don’t know what will happen to petunias. I put so much effort into them to grow. In general, I have a panic!

Fitoverm helped the first time 🙂

Same. When I will be at home I will show a photo

I had on eggplants. Sprinkled with potassium permanganate. Like leaves are new and without spots.

How was potassium permanganate bred? To pink or darker?

Thrips are nocturnal insects, hiding in the soil during the day. It is necessary to process it.

Not sv. Pink, but a little darker. But not much. Squirted from above and into the ground.

Try pouring one clove of garlic in 1 liter of water with boiling water for overnight. And the next day, pour water on the ground and see how much everything will climb up. I sometimes make 2 cloves. I tasted nothing sharp, but I don’t like the smell of insects.

Fitoverm helped


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