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What to do if the rose dries

Friends, I removed a covering rose from a climbing rose a month ago, the branches were green and alive, tied to a support, and now branch by branch is gradually drying up. What to do? The only hope is that a sprout has gone down from a bud below, but it's waiting again when the bush grows


Sunburn. It was necessary to gradually remove the covering

I think you’re right very much, I understood my mistake, thanks.

But the bush will be updated!

Yes, he was already new, last year

After a sunburn, the stems should be treated with an antistress drug. And also watering under the root, you can take energy. But pre-rummage in the internet. In Leroy, Merlin is definitely there. And close the non-woven. The thinnest.

Yes, very sorry and disappointing! I got the same black wigela.

This year roses were generally poorly wintered, although there was a lot of snow, six tea bends too

And it seems to me that h / g four are bent. Black can from the root that goes.

And I got three pieces covered with a copper basin. One is in question.

I have almost all black, many have become obsolete kidneys, but six pieces are standing and nothing, I go over them every day, I hope that my favorite ones covered

I, too, this year almost everyone froze out, especially pathetic, the climbing one was so chic 🙁

The trouble is of course, but one thing reassures me that it was such a winter, and I did not have hooks on my hands, very many wrote on the site that the roses had disappeared

I really liked the park, the bush up to two meters, didn’t cover anything at all, I’ve wintered perfectly

It was in 2014, now it’s all black, until it has cut it out, but it seems that there is nothing to wait for, I can’t understand the reason, it’s very sorry! Last year was also good!

So I had such a beauty, but as I saw this year the black branches almost went crazy 🙁

But do you happen to have a photo and the name of the variety?

Unfortunately there is no photo, the bush that year was small, only bought and the seller did not know the grade. The fact is that they buy imported roses, and then they are planted and propagated, but they are different in parks. Yes, and do not chase the large size of the flower, it gave me a five-leafed and a branch like an inflorescence. Blooms all season until the fall

Soon I will bloom


Does it bloom once a season?

All summer!