How quickly do boletus grow after rain: by time, growth rate

All experienced mushroom pickers are familiar with a very simple rule: if a warm rain has passed, you can soon set out for a “quiet hunt”. The physiology of mushrooms is such that after the rain the boletus grows very, very quickly, being one of the fastest growing species of the Russian climate. Next, it will be considered how many days this species develops in order to reach an acceptable size for collection.

How fast they grow

The question of the speed of development of the gifts of the forest is inherently a little incorrect. The main part, the mycelium, grows constantly and at approximately the same rate. She is not disturbed by weather conditions, even frost.

The aboveground part, the fruiting body, is quite another matter. Its rate is very much dependent on various conditions: temperature and humidity of the air, the richness of the soil, the amount of moisture available, etc. Therefore, if we talk about how much boletus grow over time, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer.

In the absence of rain, but on sufficiently moist soil, development can last from 7 to 12 days, while compliance with all "ideal" conditions can lead to appearance and maturation within 2-3 days.

What determines the speed

The speed of the appearance and development of not only oil but also any other species depends on how well the mycelium feeds and breathes. This is a fairly complex living organism, which is the middle between animals and plants. The physiology of mycelium is quite complex, and the influence on it of even one seemingly not very significant factor can significantly reduce or increase both its growth rates and fungi.

The first factor is a well-watered soil. The second is a warm and sufficiently well-warmed by the sun the top layer of the soil, in which the mycelium is located.

Attention! The mycelium of this species is located at a shallow depth - no more than 10-15 cm from the ground level.

It is the combination of these factors, and not just the abundance of water, as many think, that leads to the emergence and rapid development of fruit bodies. If you pay attention to where the boletus is mainly found, then they almost never appear in dark places.

So, for example, they practically do not exist in spruce forests, and the point is not only that this species prefers pine or larch for mycorrhiza. The key point here is the lack of sunlight and the accompanying heat necessary for formation.

The recommended temperature regime is a temperature stable for 3-4 days in the range from + 18 ° С to + 30 ° С. It is during this time that the soil manages to change its temperature by 15-20 cm in accordance with the air temperature.

Warning! Soil moisture should be at least 70%. Otherwise, the pace is significantly reduced.

Butterlets are fast-growing mushrooms, under normal conditions they grow by 0.9-1.5 cm per day. With short-term precipitation in the form of warm rains and the establishment of good sunny weather after them, the rates increase significantly.

How quickly do boletus grow after rain

After the rain, boletuses appear and grow at a rate 3-5 times higher than the usual conditions considered earlier. Already literally 2-3 days after the rain, the first ones appear, and you can go to collect them.

Important! It is better to go on a "quiet hunt" not 2-3 days after the rain, but a little later, after 5-7 days, so that the fruiting bodies reach their maximum size.

In sunny weather

If the weather is sunny after the rain, then the speed increases to 1.5-3 cm per day, and the first species appear from the ground already on the 3rd day. They reach their maximum height on the 5th day.

In cloudy weather

In cloudy weather, the rate is slightly lower, since the soil will be warmed up to a lesser extent, and the boletus grows more slowly. The first ones will emerge from the ground 4-5 days after rain, and they will reach their maximum size in 7-8 days.


After rain, boletus grows more actively than under normal conditions. If the formation of the fruiting body under normal conditions takes about 10 days, after rain, these periods, depending on the conditions, are reduced by several days. Ideally (sunny weather), it is recommended to collect forest gifts on the 5th day, in cloudy weather - on the 7-8th day.

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