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Why not zucchini seeds in the snail

Why not zucchini seeds in the snail

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For some reason, zucchini in the cochlea didn’t hatch in my place, the seeds are good, not empty, I don’t know what the reason is.


Irina, I had a problem with cucumbers last year, then I wore a bra in my bra, fagot. 2 cotton pads, between nemt seeds and a bag, quickly hatch.

I pulled out of the snail, all the time there is a desire to add water to it. So I made a bunch of flower seeds this year. On a rag in a bag with a hole they hacked for 4 days. In the snail were 2 days.

Seriously, I had the third planting of the season, well, they don’t sprout, that's all, the neighbor suggested, and before that she always sowed with dry seeds.

Titulkin method must be adopted. I have a lot to fit. I have a ten. Trouble. Everything hurts, arms back neck. So we got to the titans!

I believe, I believe, it's just cool 🙂

I myself was dumb, at night I usually do not sleep in my bra.

But the temperature does not need to be regulated - do not rot and do not burn

Well, everything may or may not be worth it, but if the seeds that are expensive today do not appear, then it can take several days to vilify.

That's for sure.

My acquaintance of a child went out like this, in a maternity hospital in the 60s. Was premature, less than a kilogram. She worked as a nanny in the postpartum ward. Between the titans put a bag and warmed. And great. A man grew up, a horse! I saw the photo. And cucumbers and taverns, water Lafa!

I'm terribly sorry - what size was she? And then, any man would be glad to be in his place!

I already knew her old. Well, she was not thin. A man of course a horse. But the head was not very, she said. Still very premature.

Mom soaked zucchini were sooooo long Klyuchko one, thought the bad seeds, and my mother took all dumped and covered with earth all at once the cap has risen. And I didn’t do it with tomatoes with soil and immediately climbed up my plants, and the soaked ones lay for a very long time and even a hint of sprouts, but with the ground instantly

And I and cucumbers and zucchini in filings from cat filler. From kitty I steal and steal everything, in revenge for trampled seedlings.

This year, too, in the snail with the ground, I lost my melons and gourds; 3 of the many ascended. Turned around and found that the seeds had sunk deeper than necessary and from there they are trying to break through, poor ones. I quietly transplanted them into glasses.

I'm also in sawdust. The first zucchini has already begun. After sawdust, great roots

I did it, probably 30-35 years ago, and then I forgot. Here she began to engage in agriculture again and remembered. (My grandmother did this / it was funny to me as a child, and grandmother’s garden was large, and, accordingly, a bust too. She not only grew cucumbers or zucchini, but also grew excellent watermelons in the Penza region and without any greenhouses and shelters.

I made a snail from zucchini for 30 pcs. I took the seeds from the courgettes donated to me last year, a whole package. In general, for 2 weeks only one got it all, I think I was left without zucchini. I asked a neighbor to buy 5 packs, I decided to roll them up in the same snail, I open it, and there 11 pieces started to turn green, and a few more hatched-and this is for 1 night! So don’t throw them away, they may come up

Soaked yesterday 9 pieces of cucumbers, it is necessary to soak pumpkins and zucchini, sunflowers, but so far in the dishes.

I planted the pumpkin in the open ground until it came up, and several pieces grow in cups from the substrate, wonderful, as well as cucumbers, melons and watermelons. I don’t know if the first year will turn out to be engaged in seedlings and a garden with a soul and I like that I didn’t even expect from myself. Previously, in 80-90 there were 2 dachas and grew everything in order to survive and not die of hunger with 2 children, but did not like the land, but the need forced it. And now I love, probably the older, the closer to the ground.

Zucchini, pumpkin, melon and watermelon have not been in my snails for 2 weeks now. I’ll probably have to throw everything away, planted 7 varieties of 3-4 seeds each, I thought where I would plant them later, and now I’ll have to plant all over again

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