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How many zucchini, pumpkin and melon sprout

Friends, how many zucchini, pumpkin and melon sprout?


Sowed with dry seeds, germinated from 3 to 7 days.

For 3-4 days.

I have with cucumbers, the trouble was 3 times sown, for the third time it was worn under the breast, soaked, sprouted quickly. What's the problem? If planted in cold earth, then they may not rise at all?

In cigarettes for 4-5 days! May before 🙂

Planted last Sunday today is peaking. Variety "gold" I love it juicy delicious. All seeds have risen.

I tried to plant cucumbers in hot sawdust (on the advice of Julia). We ascended on the 3rd day. Then transplanted into cups with earth. And others used to sow immediately in a stack. And I put it in the greenhouse, 10 days have already passed, have not ascended yet.

I also planted cucumbers and zucchini in the hot sawdust of the city. But for now, silence. Last year, I planted on t. B. From the packages of zucchini on the second day, the loops showed and cucumbers on the third day. And now all the seeds in the sawdust are here and I'm worried even

My cucumbers also climbed poorly this year, resettled already: (sorry for the time wasted

Do not worry. They will rise. Some of me have gone only 7 days ago. Already put on the battery. Something has already risen planted 21. April.

Thanks now I looked and two grades of two loops showed. Uraaa

I have cucumbers in the snail almost all sprouted for 3-5 days, but melons, zucchini, watermelons and pumpkins have been lying and not rising for 2 weeks, I wrapped them again 3 days ago, but I bit all the seeds to make it easier to hatch, now I’m waiting for will be. Or it will be necessary to buy new seeds and try to plant them in sawdust, otherwise I will remain without zucchini. Patison went up with the cucumbers.