Zucchini Ball

Thanks to breeders, today's gardeners have a huge selection of seeds for squash and other crops. If earlier all zucchini were as one white and elongated, today their appearance can be very surprising. In addition to exotic zucchini shades, interesting forms of this vegetable can also be found on the plots. A striking representative of round varieties is the Ball zucchini.

Variety characteristics

The ball is an early maturing variety with compact, non-branched bushes. Its dissected leaves are pale green with slight mottling. The description of this variety of squash is hidden in the name. Like a ball, it has a spherical shape. There is a slight ribbing at the base of the squash. Its green skin is covered with small dots several shades lighter. Zucchini can grow on average from 0.8 to 2.1 kg. The variety is characterized not only by an excellent presentation, but also by excellent taste. Zucchini Ball seems to be specially created for stuffing. The dry matter in them will be from 4 to 5.5%, and the sugar will not exceed 2.6.

Advice! Zucchini weighing up to 200 grams are ideal for stuffing.

A distinctive feature of this variety is its cold resistance. The Ball's disease resistance can be characterized as average. He has immunity, but as a preventive measure, it is better to treat plants from the most basic diseases.

Growing recommendations

The best areas to land the Ball are sunny and sheltered areas. Wherein? he is not particularly picky about the soil. But it will grow better on sandy loam and loamy soils, pre-fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers.

Important! It is recommended to apply organic fertilizers to the soil in the fall or at least a few months before planting. The soil can be enriched with mineral fertilizers one month before planting the crop.

During this time, fertilizers will be able to decompose sufficiently and saturate the earth with useful substances.

Zucchini variety The ball can be planted:

  1. Through seedlings, which begin to cook from the beginning of April.
  2. Through planting seeds in open ground. With this method, the seeds are planted to a depth of 3 cm. The seed planting period is from early to mid-May.

Harvesting takes place from July to September.

This variety has an average resistance to common zucchini diseases such as powdery mildew and anthracnose. Therefore, when the first signs of the disease appear, it is recommended to process:

  • For powdery mildew, a colloidal sulfur suspension should be used. Re-processing is done in 2-3 weeks.
  • With anthracnose, plants are sprayed with Bordeaux liquid, copper oxychloride or ground sulfur.

Important! All disease control agents should be diluted only in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. Dosages "by eye" are not allowed.


Nadezhda, 42 years old, Dubna

I planted the variety Ball for the first time. I really liked the image of zucchini on the package with seeds. Planted in May immediately on the garden bed, without germination. The bushes were very compact. Due to the fact that the leaves bristled in different directions, the bush also looked like a ball. Zucchini formed in the center of the bush and ripened 2 pieces per day. In this case, only ripe zucchini are inflated. In unripe zucchini, the shape is slightly elongated. They bore fruit with me until mid-September, then the first frosts came, and I removed them. They taste great. We canned and stuffed them. I will definitely plant more.

Tamara, 34 years old, Zhukovsky

I have been planting the Ball variety for the third year already. What I like most about him is its yield and taste. Zucchini bushes are compact and give a lot of ovaries. A lot of zucchini is formed and they ripen quickly. They taste very delicate. For all three years, only once were sick with powdery mildew. Because of this, the zucchini harvest turned out to be a little less. I can recommend the Ball variety.

Galina, 50 years old, Ivanteevka

Zucchini variety The ball is good, fruitful. Problems with the germination of seeds of this zucchini have never arisen. We eat zucchini of this variety fresh, do not roll it into jars. They are delicious, especially when young.

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