How to make pomegranate juice at home

Squeezing pomegranate juice at home is not so difficult. This natural drink is useful not only for adults, but also for children. In addition, you can be sure that the drink will be beneficial and will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than products from the store. Bottled drinks are not always healthy, as most often in stores they sell nectars and colored water with additives.

Features of making pomegranate juice at home

It has always been believed that homemade drinks made from berries and fruits are much healthier than store-bought ones. When making pomegranate juice at home, you need to follow some rules. This will allow you to get a natural product in which all the beneficial properties of the fruit will be preserved:

  1. You need to choose dense grenades without damage and rot. If there is even a small hole on the peel of a pomegranate, the inner part is unsuitable not only for obtaining useful liquid, such a pomegranate is dangerous to health, since harmful bacteria develop in it.
  2. The fruits should be rinsed in several waters to remove dust, grains of sand, dirt, then wipe dry with a napkin.
  3. Peel the skin and white streaks from the pomegranate. During this procedure, you need to be careful so as not to violate the integrity of the berries. You need to work with a sharp knife.
  4. Experienced housewives recommend knocking out the pomegranate seeds, diligently tapping on the peel with a spoon.

You need to clean the pomegranate so that the partitions and white films do not get into the cup with the grains. The fact is that these inner parts of the fruit, once in the squeezed juice, give it bitterness.

How many pomegranates do you need to get a liter of juice

The fruits have different weights. About 150 ml of liquid can be squeezed out of one 200 g pomegranate. On average, the yield of squeezed juice from one pomegranate at home is about 80%.

To obtain 1 liter of a healthy and healing drink, you will need about 2, -2.3 g of ripe fruits. Although most often the need of an average family is no more than a glass.

How to juice a pomegranate at home

Natural juices obtained at home differ not only in taste, they retain useful substances and vitamins. You can get a drink in different ways.

Many people squeeze pomegranates by hand at home. But when using a juicer, the process is faster. Anything that remains after the drink is made does not need to be thrown away. Pulp is a great addition to cooking.

Attention! Juice yield with a juicer is higher than with manual juicing.

How to juice a pomegranate without a juicer

You can use different methods to squeeze a pomegranate. There are many options, first about manually squeezing the juice from the fruit.

Using the package

This is a convenient way to squeeze out natural pomegranate juice. For work you will need a knife, rolling pin and 2 freezer bags. They have a convenient lock that allows you to tightly close the grains so as not to stain the kitchen.

The washed and dried pomegranates are peeled, separated into individual berries and put into a bag. It is closed tightly so that liquid does not leak out. In addition, the air is carefully squeezed out, otherwise the bag may burst.

Then you need to put the bag on the table, take a rolling pin and start squeezing out the juice. It is not difficult to do this, just press on it, as if rolling out the dough. Gradually, liquid accumulates in the bag, and the grains remain without pulp. Now you need to drain it into a clean container.

Through cheesecloth

To squeeze a delicious drink from a pomegranate, you need ripe fruits without damage to the skin and gauze. You need to cook:

  • grenades - 2 pcs.;
  • boiled water - ΒΌ st.;
  • granulated sugar - 1 tbsp.

How to properly squeeze pomegranate juice:

  1. First, the washed fruits are peeled from the hard peel, then they are divided into separate berries, each of which is cleaned of fibers and films.
  2. The berries are placed in a clean bowl. Grains are poured into cheesecloth in small portions (it must be folded in several layers) and, pressing on them, gradually squeeze out the liquid.
  3. You need to work carefully so as not to spray everything around. The process is lengthy, since the pomegranate is squeezed thoroughly until all the seeds are crushed.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the pomegranate seeds.
  5. If you want to drink a drink without suspension, then it can be put on conservation, for 1 hour in the refrigerator. During this time, the drink will acquire transparency, the sediment will be at the bottom.
  6. Before drinking pomegranate pomace, the liquid is diluted with clean water, since undiluted drink negatively affects the gastric mucosa due to its high acid content. Especially if the juice is intended for children.

Important! At 1 st. squeezed out of the pomegranate liquid add 2-3 tbsp. l. boiled water and granulated sugar to taste.

Caucasian way

To squeeze juice from a pomegranate by hand, you can use the oldest method. The only condition is that the peel must be intact, otherwise the juice will flow out spontaneously.

Stages of work:

  1. Rinse the whole fruit, dry with a towel, then put on a clean table.
  2. Start rolling the pomegranate on the table to crush the grains.
  3. You need to press on the fruit until it becomes soft.
  4. It remains only to cut a hole and drain the squeezed juice from the pomegranate into a glass.

Using a mashed potato

To squeeze pomegranate juice by hand at home, you can use a regular mashed potato maker.

To do this, separate pomegranate seeds are placed in a high saucepan so as not to splatter everything around, and they begin to crush them. It is necessary to squeeze out the liquid intensively for at least 15 minutes.

After that, the squeezed out liquid of bright red color is filtered using a fine sieve. Dilute with water before use.

How to make pomegranate juice in a juicer

Using the technique to squeeze pomegranate juice at home is convenient and quick. One ripe fruit is enough for one person. It is rinsed thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt and germs from the surface of the pomegranate. Then wipe dry with a towel.

After that, using a sharp knife, you need to make an incision, trying not to touch the grains. To quickly separate the berries, you need to tap on the peel with a spoon. In this case, they will spill out into the dishes, and the white films and partitions will remain in the pomegranate.

Place the grains in small portions into the opening of the juicer. Depending on the type of juicer, juice is made using electricity or mechanical action.

The liquid will flow out through a special hole. Pomegranate juice, squeezed with a juicer, is obtained with pulp. To obtain a clear liquid, the mass is defended and filtered through a sieve.

How to make pomegranate juice in a blender

Modern housewives have many devices that make their work easier. A blender is a great option for making natural juice from pomegranate seeds. The drink is prepared from two pomegranates, boiled water, granulated sugar or honey (to taste).

Choose solid grenades that are not damaged. Then they are thoroughly washed with warm water. The washed fruits are dried with a towel, cut and peeled.

Then separate the grains into a blender bowl. Add water, turn on the blender and start making juice. After 2-3 minutes, you need to fold it into a colander, covered with several layers of gauze. This will separate the pulp from the resulting beverage.

The squeezed liquid, if desired, can be sweetened with sugar or natural honey.

How to properly store pomegranate juice

Making natural pomegranate juice at home is easy. The product can only be stored in the refrigerator. In some cases, when there are a lot of pomegranates, housewives preserve the squeezed liquid.

To prepare squeezed pomegranate juice for the winter, you can bring it to a boil, then pour it hot into sterile glass jars or bottles. Close containers tightly, turn upside down. Remove under a fur coat until it cools completely. Store in a cool place: in a cellar or refrigerator.

How long freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is stored

Squeezed pomegranate juice, unlike other fresh juices, is not recommended to be stored for a long time. In order for the body to receive all the vitamins and nutrients, the squeezed liquid must be drunk immediately. The shelf life of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is limited to 1-2 hours.

Best pomegranate juicers

Pomegranate juice has been squeezed at home at all times. To make the process faster, people created special devices - juicers. They can be mechanical or electrical. In order to quickly make pomegranate juice at home, a juicer is most often used. Since there are a lot of these household appliances, you need to figure out which ones are best to use.

Juicer options:

  • citrus juicer;
  • Auger juicer;
  • juicer press;
  • electrical devices with a capacity of 20 to 100 watts.


Even a child can squeeze juice from a pomegranate at home. You just need to remember that it is better to drink it right away, since the nutrients quickly disappear. Pure liquid can damage the stomach and intestines. Therefore, boiled water is added to the concentrated pomegranate drink.

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