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Do I need to pinch peas

Do I need to pinch peas?


I never pinch and grows great, for the first time I hear what I need

And when to plant it on the ground? Should I soak first?

Why are you, peas in general such a culture, threw it into the ground and forgot about it

But how often should it be watered?

we water all plantings 2 times a week but abundantly

I don’t water it at all. Sow along with oats and cover with a thin layer of mulch - oats dampens weeds. You can also plant marigolds so that there are no worms. I sow dry seeds - so it rises better.

Depends on the weather and on the ground. See that the earth is moist, do not fill or dry. But if a day or two is not poured, then he will not die from this) peas in general are unpretentious culture.

stupid question, but how to sow it? one seed per ground and what distance between peas do? the first time I planted him, inexperienced

I planted like this: in the prepared bed I stuck seeds of 3-5 centimeters approximately, a distance of about 15 centimeters between the peas

thank you so much human