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How to plant aster seeds in snails

Good evening, tell me, plant aster seeds in snails with a sharp tip up or no difference?


Lay out parallel to the top, you won’t be mistaken

There will be a spine from the sharp end. Plant as necessary.

I sowed how it happened, almost all sprouted

Anna, thanks)

But apart from marigolds and petunias, nothing came up for me. So she sowed immediately og.

I just threw it into a bowl on top of moist ground, then pinned, then peaked), here is the result:

I have almost the same in the cochlea, but in general everyone has half germination, I planted differently in the ground and on the toilet

And my marigolds are bent

Calendula did not rise at all

What amazingly everyone came up, but it seemed to me)

And to my marigolds well, they are already standing with their buds.