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How often do you need to water tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers

Does anyone have autowatering in the greenhouse? How often do you need to water what crops like tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper? Provided that the temperature will be 25 degrees


I water the tomatoes after planting the first days of 7-10 days. And then I stop watering. T. Ye. Then I water as necessary 1 time in two to three weeks. And after they bloom 1 time per month but abundantly. Tomatoes do not need much moisture, they crack and a thin watery tomato is obtained, and so they are fleshy and sweet. Ogurtsy watering chz every 2 days and when I start to harvest then chz 1day. Of course, climatic conditions must also be taken into account, but this should already be done locally. This is in the open field, and in the greenhouse, drip irrigation is best. But I didn’t like to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse;