Melon smoothie recipes

Melon smoothie is an easy way to replenish your body with vitamins by eating a delicious meal. The preparation is very simple, and you can use different products for each day to match the taste.

Melon Smoothie Benefits

Melon will contain many useful vitamins and minerals. It contains pectin and other biologically active substances that are beneficial to the human body. It consists of 95% water, therefore it is ideal for preparing drinks. A storehouse of vitamins K, A, C, B, PP, calcium, iron. The fruits contribute to the provision of the following properties:

  • improving blood composition;
  • increased hemoglobin in the blood;
  • stabilization of hormonal levels, nervous system;
  • serves as protection for blood vessels from harmful cholesterol, prevention of vascular atherosclerosis;
  • cleans the intestines;
  • enhances digestion;
  • improves the functioning of the urinary system, kidneys.

It is useful to drink for those who suffer from anemia or in the postoperative period to restore the body. Melon has antiparasitic properties. It is useful for men to drink to restore potency, on women, the fruits have a rejuvenating effect. Promotes the production of the hormone of joy - serotonin. Melon dishes are used with caution in diabetes mellitus, the product can cause intestinal upset. The recommended dose of a smoothie is up to 1 liter per day.

How to make a melon smoothie

The recipes for making melon smoothies using a blender are very simple. To prepare a delicious dessert, different varieties of melons are used (white nutmeg, cantaloupe, crenshaw and other available varieties of melons). It is important to choose ripe fruits, and for this you should pay attention to:

  • color (melon should be bright and golden);
  • density of the pulp (the pulp is slightly squeezed when pressed with fingers);
  • smell (the fruit has a sweet, fresh scent).

There should be no damage on the peel, as pathogenic bacteria develop in them. To prepare the dish, the fruit is peeled from the peel, seeds, the pulp can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes for quick cooling. Grind in a blender, add the necessary products to taste, often fruits. The density is regulated by adding kefir or yogurt, milk. For vegetarians, dairy products can be substituted for soy, coconut milk. Melon goes well with various vegetables (celery, avocado, spinach) or any fruits (pears, mangoes) and nuts. The composition of the recipes can be changed depending on preferences, imagination.

All components of the dessert are crushed, served in a glass, or with a wide straw. It takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients and prepare the drink itself. It is best to use honey to sweeten the dessert. This is a natural product that is rich in useful vitamins for the body. For a smoothie to be perfect, you need to use no more than 3-4 ingredients.

Important! If the tail of the fruit is green, it is necessary to hold the melon in a cool place for ripening and after 4-5 days it can be used for food.

Melon Milk Smoothie

Milk smoothie is a classic dessert recipe. This is an ideal breakfast option for children or adults. Milk contains calcium, vitamin B, proteins. The drink is thick and tasty. The drink contains:

  • milk - 300 ml;
  • melon - 200 g.

All ingredients are whipped in a blender until thick milk froth and poured into glasses for serving. On a hot day, milk can be cooled in the refrigerator, then the drink will be not only healthy, but also refreshing.

Melon Banana Smoothie

Melon is paired with ripe bananas. Banana adds density to the drink. Such a dessert is nutritious, satisfies the feeling of hunger, it is used between main meals. It refreshes and improves mood.

For cooking use:

  • melon - 0.5 kg;
  • bananas - 2 pieces;
  • yogurt or kefir - 2 glasses.

All ingredients are ground for 1-2 minutes, then milk drinks are added and served on the table. For those who like to experiment, you can try adding 2-3 basil leaves to a melon-banana smoothie. The spice will add spice and dilute the sweet taste of the dessert.

Melon smoothie

Watermelon and melon smoothie refreshes, tones, eliminates fatigue, improves mood.
This amazing combination is pleasant not only to the taste, but also exudes a bright aroma of summer. To cook, you need:

  • melon - 300 g;
  • watermelon - 300 g.

You can add 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey to taste. The fruits must be crushed separately. Pour in layers into a glass for serving, first a melon, then a watermelon, decorate with slices of fruit.

Melon and strawberry smoothie

For melon-strawberry smoothie you need:

  • melon - 0.5 kg;
  • frozen or fresh strawberries - 1 glass;
  • honey or sugar - 1 tablespoon.

All fruits are interrupted with a blender, honey or sugar is added. You can add dairy products (milk, yogurt) - 1 glass. If fresh berries were used, then decorate the glass with strawberries.

With orange or grapefruit

For dessert you need:

  • melon - 300 g;
  • grapefruit - ½ fruit;
  • orange - 1 fruit.

Melon and grapefruit are diced and ground in a blender. Squeeze out the juice of 1 orange. To taste, you can add lemon juice (1 teaspoon), 1 tablespoon of honey. Everything is mixed and served in glasses.

With peach

To prepare a chic healthy drink, you must:

  • melon - 300 g;
  • peach - 2 pieces;
  • ice - 2 cubes;
  • chocolate chips - 1 teaspoon;
  • cinnamon - 1/3 teaspoon.

Melon and peaches, ice must be chopped in a smoothie blender, add cinnamon. Put the cold mass in beautiful glasses, decorate with chocolate chips.

With cucumber

The smoothie contains:

  • cucumber - 1 piece;
  • melon - 0.5 kg;
  • grapefruit juice - 2 cups;
  • ice - 2 cubes;
  • a sprig of mint.

The cucumber must be peeled and seeds, cut into cubes. Grind the melon and vegetable, add juice and pour into glasses. Grapefruit gives an exotic aroma and taste, strengthens the immune system. Decorate with a sprig of mint.

With lemon

Lemon goes well with summer fruits. It helps to strengthen the immune system, gives strength and vigor. List of required ingredients:

  • melon - 0.5 kg;
  • lime, lemon - 1 piece each;
  • icing sugar - 3 tablespoons;
  • a sprig of mint.

Before chopping the melon, you need to prepare the citrus fruits. To do this, they are poured over with boiling water and the fruit is cooled. Squeeze the juice of lemon and lime, add to the crushed melon. Stir and put the refreshing smoothie in glasses, sprinkle with powdered sugar on top, decorate with a sprig of fresh mint.

Important! Citrus seeds should not be added to the drink as they will taste bitter.

With kiwi

Kiwi adds a pleasant green hue to the dessert. Makes melon richer. For a smoothie you need ingredients:

  • melon - 300 g;
  • kiwi - 4 fruits;
  • milk - 0.5 l;
  • a sprig of mint.

The fruits are crushed with a blender, add cold milk, you can add lemon juice to taste (up to 100 g), mix and serve, after decorating with a sprig of mint.

With figs

Figs add unusual flavor to the dessert. To prepare it you need:

  • melon - 300 g;
  • figs - 3 pieces;
  • a sprig of mint.

The fruits are crushed in a blender, add 1 tablespoon of honey to taste, decorate with mint. If you add currant berries, you can enrich the taste of the drink.

With raspberries

Melon culture goes well with raspberries. The berry adds a sour note to the dessert. For cooking you need:

  • melon - 200 g;
  • raspberries - 200 g;
  • honey or sugar - 1 tablespoon.

You can add orange juice and crushed ice. Poured into glasses and decorated with a sprig of mint.

Melon Slimming Smoothie

In order to lose weight, relieve intestines, melon smoothies are ideal for this. You can arrange unloading one day and drink only smoothies. The drink satisfies the feeling of hunger, has a healing effect on the body. You can drink up to 2 liters per day, but it is important not to overload the intestines from habit, thereby not provoking an upset gastrointestinal tract.

Long-term use of slimming smoothies is possible only for no more than 7 days. In this case, the body must be introduced and removed from the diet, gradually including other foods. Such a diet does not bring stress to the body, as it includes your favorite vegetables and fruits. The effect lasts for a long time and the habit of eating right persists. Fiber, which is contained in foods, allows you to satisfy hunger and does not prevent food disruptions. Losing weight is easier than using smoothies does not exist.

For weight loss, it is better to combine melon with grapefruit, orange, cucumber, berries. Also fat-burning foods are cinnamon, celery, which can be added during the preparation of smoothies. To reduce the thickness of the product, use kefir or yogurt. Do not use heavy cream or milk, add sugar, starchy fruits.

Terms and conditions of storage

The smoothie is made with fresh and frozen melon. The harvested fruits in August can be prepared for storage in the freezer to enjoy a tasty and healthy drink throughout the fall and winter. To do this, the melon is peeled and seeds, crushed into pieces and sent to storage in the freezer for 2-3 months.

Dessert is drunk fresh, you should not leave it in the refrigerator until next time. When stored for a long time, fruits undergo a fermentation process. If necessary, the product retains useful properties for three hours, if placed in the refrigerator - for a day. If dairy products are added to the smoothie, the dessert is stored only in the refrigerator.

But it's better to cook a little and drink it fresh each time. All vitamins and healthy fiber are preserved in freshly prepared products.


Melon smoothie is not only a part of a healthy diet, but also a pleasant, tasty dessert that you can treat your friends and family with. It is an easily digestible energy drink that can be prepared even by an inexperienced cook.

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