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How to grow a collective farmer melon (Moscow Region)

How to grow a collective farmer melon (Moscow Region)

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Share the experience of growing collective farmer melons in the suburbs? Thank you


In St. Petersburg, I grow successfully melon Honey tale in a cucumber greenhouse on a trellis.

can you give more details. In that year, a neighbor gave 2 seedlings, and they died in my greenhouse. And she grew up on her street under lutrasil.

grew "Altai" in the Arkhangelsk region. I didn’t see any problems. That would be a cous for the night covered with a dark cloth. We have white nights, and melon is a short day plant

Anna, I’m also going to plant a melon and a watermelon. I’ll only plant in open ground. I’ll make the bed “warm” for them, and put polyethylene on the bed. I will scourge out. I also want to plant each grade on a pumpkin. They say more hardy and larger fruits. Good luck to us)))

but how to vaccinate?

The most important thing is to leave 2-3 holes on the bush, and cut off the rest. Grow very juicy. Ultrasmature is better.

3-4 melon seedlings in the corner of a cucumber steamer, I have a film, 2 meters, care like cucumbers, pinching over the 4th sheet, because fruits on the side shoots. I leave 1 per lash. I tie the melon in the net to the trellis. Ball-sized, delicious and fragrant. Good luck

thanks .

Veronica, see how to grow dyni and watermelon on the site “your fertility” video. A grafting method roschipa, watch the video on the Internet. This is a must see.

how complicated everything is, probably) But they were interested, thanks, I went to study)


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