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Is it possible to add earth to seedling leaves in eggplant seedlings

Tell me, please, eggplant seedlings swinging on a thin leg. Is it possible to add it to the cotyledons?


A photo is possible.

I deepened my own, and gave the lateral roots, as I understand it’s possible not very large (adult) seedlings, when the stem has not yet become rough

I can not post photos. No one to teach!


And you are on the phone. Or from a computer.

I grow eggplants for the first time, but as far as I have studied the topic, they are not buried, 1-1. 5 cm to the cotyledons leave

When you write comments near there is + (this is if you are from a tablet or from a phone, of course, you should already have a photo before) click on + and then select a photo, then click on it, then upload and voila!

If I’m not mistaken, eggplants are like tomatoes, they are not bad for deepening, they, unlike peppers, have no particular claims to this.

I poured mine to cotyledons. Just not right away, gradually added one or two tablespoons one at a time.

Dive to the cotyledons in phase 2 of these leaves, and then the stem, if it begins to wood, will no longer give additional roots

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