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How to process eggplant to cure them

Tell me, please, it seems the eggplant is sick or burned out. What could it be? They stand on the balcony. Can handle something try?


Yes, everything is normal

Yes, where is it already. They are either eaten by someone, or burned out, or something else. Almost everyone is already struck) the leaves curl, turn white, I don’t even know what to do. I plant it for the first time. Maybe it is not visible in the photo, I’ll try it again tomorrow, in daylight.

You fertilized them, if so, it is burns from fertilizers or overflow can still cool them, but vryatli

No, I have never fertilized. They stand on a glassed-in balcony, on sawdust, in the morning a very bright sun lately. Almost no watering, today sprayed with zircon.

Take away the sawdust and it’s rather cold thermophilic eggplant

Okay, thanks a lot, I'll clean it tomorrow. Maybe it was cold, it’s hot today, it’s very warm there, even at night.

They need a minimum of 20 degrees

Plants can get a sunburn, cover something with direct sunlight, hang paper on scotch tape, and eggplants love it warmly, see how many degrees there are on the balcony at night, watering under the root

I stand on the window. The sun warms them until 12 noon. No burns. Tempered for a long time. Just open the window (window mode) I think you sprayed them. And the sun set fire to the leaves. After spraying. I do not immediately put them on the sun. I let it dry. Here are mine. Sitting in a big bowl. Their legs are tight. Already brown.

Most likely, and now what will be interesting with them? If it is a burn? Can spray with what?

Thank you pretty eggplant

Victoria, don't do anything. Water either in the evening or not on a sunny day. Or let them dry first. Then to the window. Respectively. Temper. I don’t drag them anywhere. Stand on two large window sills. I've got plenty of them. Wear on the balcony. I do not see the point. Good luck to you!

Thanks! I try every year. I have three big bowls. Once fed Epin

And you do not dive?

Not. I don’t see the point either.

Ok thanks

I have a lot of seedlings. To dive. There is not enough space on my four window sills. 5 boxes of pepper. 3 bucks. 5 tomatoes and 1 hot pepper. The rest is planted in the garden and cabbage in the greenhouse in the garden. I’ve been growing it for 10 years. I really want to try in the snail. But this is already next season. Late learned about Julia and the group.

And I planted for the first time, and immediately came to Julia, there wasn’t even this group yet, I thought that everyone was just planting this,

I also caught fire so try to plant. It's too late now.

There is sunburn.

Sprinkle with earth, and then a little increased and put where it is cooler) they will get sick and move away)