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How to shed seedlings with a black leg

Friends! I can’t adapt in any way with watering. I came home from work, and I have one tomato lying, looked closely, the stalk near the ground was dry. Judging by what I read, this is a black leg. Shed with potassium permanganate or phytosporin? The earth is not yet dry. Not wet of course, but it's too early to water. What do you advise? And does this infection spread? The remaining seedlings seem to be standing.


If the sprout is big, I would cut it off and put it in water, it will give roots, put it in the ground

Cut and transplant - I like this option). Potassium permanganate and phytosporin will not help (. Check the ground in other plants (expand, if possible, add dry earth, it helps me). Julia in her videos said that she watered the seedlings 1-2 times a week.

Inna, now I water like that, I see that they wither, then I water. And then the earth dries from above, and the roots are wet, I still water, now I water and everything grows.

Sprinkle with phytosporin or Baikal em

The sprout is not big, and it threw out already. If only others did not beat.

I didn’t know that it’s possible, I’ll take note, thank you)

Thanks, I’ll probably do it too.

Thanks, I will do it!

To prevent others from falling, push the ground away from the trunk.

What are they sitting in?

In cups from a substrate without a bottom