Prorab petrol snow blower: model overview

The products of the Russian company Prorab have long been known in the domestic market and the market of neighboring countries. A whole line of garden equipment, tools, electrical equipment is produced under these brands. Despite the fact that all the company's products are not professional, they are of high quality and durability. The relatively low cost of equipment allows everyone to evaluate the work of this brand's products. In our article, we will try to tell as much as possible about the Prorab electric snow blower and give objective characteristics of the most popular models of this brand's equipment.

Important! Equipment under the Russian brand Prorab is mainly assembled in China.

Description of some Prorab models

The Prorab company produces snow blowers with electric and gasoline engines. The models differ not only in the type of drive, but also in their design and characteristics.

Electric snow blowers

Few companies are engaged in the production of electric snow blowers, despite the fact that they have a number of important advantages and are in demand in the market. Their advantage, in comparison with gasoline counterparts, is environmental friendliness, low vibration and noise levels. Such machines can easily cope with light snow cover. Unfortunately, huge puffs of snow are not subject to this technique, which is their main snow blower with an electric drive. The obligatory presence of the mains, and the limited length of the cord can also in some cases create discomfort in the operation of the equipment.

Prorab has several models of electric snow blowers. Of these, the most successful and demanded model on the market is the EST 1811 model.

Prorab EST 1811

The Prorab EST 1811 snow blower is perfect for servicing small yard areas. Its grip width is 45 cm. For its operation, access to a 220V network is required. The electric motor of the snow blower has a power of 2000 watts. In operation, the equipment is quite maneuverable, it allows to throw snow 6 m from the cleaning site. The rubberized auger does not damage the road surface or lawn during operation. The cleaning system for this model is provided for a one-stage.

Important! Customer reviews state that not all units of this snow blower have a rubber auger. In some products, the auger is plastic. When buying a product, you should pay attention to this nuance.

The Prorab EST 1811 snow blower is quite primitive, it does not have a headlight and a heated handle. The weight of such equipment is 14 kg. With all its comparative advantages and disadvantages, the proposed model costs a little more than 7 thousand rubles. You can see this model of a snow blower in operation in the video:

Petrol snow blowers

Gasoline powered snow blowers are more powerful and productive. Their important advantage is mobility, which makes it possible to use this type of equipment even in "field" conditions. Among the disadvantages of such models should be highlighted the large weight and significant dimensions of the structure, the presence of exhaust gases and high cost.

Prorab GST 45 S

It is a very powerful self-propelled machine that can cope with even the most severe snow drifts without problems and work. The unit is powered by a four-stroke engine using five gears: 4 forward and 1 reverse. Despite its large dimensions, the ability to move backwards makes the Prorab GST 45 S snow blower manoeuvrable and easy to operate.

Snow blower Prorab GST 45 S, 5.5 HP with., is started by means of a manual starter. The high performance of the snow blower is provided by a wide grip (53 cm). The installation can cut 40 cm of snow at a time. The main element of the technology is the auger, in this model it is made of durable metal, which ensures long-term, trouble-free operation of the machine.

The Prorab GST 45 S snow blower allows you to change the range and direction of snow discharge during operation. The maximum distance the machine can throw snow is 10 m. The unit's fuel tank holds 3 liters. liquid, which allows you not to worry about refueling during operation.

Important! The Prorab GST 45 S snow blower is a successful model that has excellent technical characteristics and an affordable cost of 23 thousand rubles.

Prorab GST 50 S

An even more powerful, wheeled, self-propelled snow blower. It captures snow caps up to 51 cm in height and 53.5 cm in width. In terms of other technical characteristics, the Prorab GST 50 S is similar to the model proposed above. These machines have the same engines, the differences are only in some structural details. Thus, its main comparative advantage is a two-stage purification system. You can see this snow blower at work in the video:

It is worth noting that the manufacturer estimates the high performance and reliability of this model at 45-50 thousand. Not everyone can afford such a cost.

Prorab GST 70 EL- S

The snow blower model GST 70 EL-S is distinguished by a huge bucket, which is able to "gnaw" blocks of snow 62 cm wide and about 51 cm high. The power of this huge machine is 6.5 liters. from. The GST 70 EL-S snow blower is started with a manual or electric starter. The weight of the unit is impressive: 75 kg. With 5 gears and large, deep tread wheels, the car is easy to move around. The capacity of the tank is designed for 3.6 liters of liquid, and the flow rate of the GST 70 EL-S is only 0.8 liters / h. The proposed car is equipped with a headlight.

Important! When purchasing the Prorab GST 70 EL-S model, you should pay attention to the build quality of the equipment, since customer reviews about this snow blower are contradictory.

Prorab GST 71 S

The Prorab GST 71 S snow blower is similar in appearance to the gasoline-powered Prorab machines offered above. Its difference is the high engine power - 7 hp. The launch in this model is manual only. The snow blower is captured by the foreman at a width of 56 cm and a height of 51 cm.

Despite its enormous size and weight, the SPG's 13-inch wheels ensure its smooth movement. Forward and reverse gears ensure the maneuverability of the unit.

Important! The snow blower is capable of throwing snow at a distance of 15 m.


At the end of the review of Prorab machines, we can summarize that the electric units of this brand can be successfully used in everyday life for cleaning the backyard area. They are cheap and reliable in operation, however, it will be quite difficult for them to cope with a large volume of snow cover. If the buyer knowingly knows that the equipment will be used in regions with traditionally heavy snowfalls, then, undoubtedly, it is worth giving preference to the GST models. These huge, powerful and productive machines can last for many years even in the most difficult conditions.


Anton Prosov, 38 years old, Irkutsk

Living in a private house, we have long abandoned traditional shovels: it is useless to work with them during the period of snow drifts. Already 5 years ago we bought a Prorab car. I don't remember the exact model, but not "cheap". Works flawlessly, has not been repaired, uses fuel sparingly. I advise everyone who is iconic to buy exactly the Prorab tool, because its declared value really corresponds to the available quality.

Alena Nesterenko, 29 years old, Saratov

My husband got tired of cleaning the snow with a shovel, so they bought a snow blower powered by a network. When choosing a model, we met different reviews about the "Foreman", but nevertheless decided to buy equipment from this manufacturer. As a result, we are satisfied with the car: it removes snow in a small amount perfectly, and you have to tinker a little with snowdrifts. In general, there are no complaints, especially since the price of a snow blower is quite acceptable.

Vladimir Ananyev, 57 years old, Svetlogorsk

Several years ago we purchased the cheapest self-propelled gasoline vehicle "Prorab". During this time, she coped well with any amount of snow. But this year I tried to start the car, check its performance, and it began to "stall". I gave it to my son, he fixed it without any problems. I hope that it will serve for many more years, because after such a technique I do not want to return to an ordinary shovel at all.

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