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Caviar from zucchini

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Zucchini are distinguished by high productivity and unpretentiousness. So, some varieties bear fruit in an amount of more than 20 kg of vegetables from 1 m2 land. The abundance of healthy and tasty vegetables allows you to enjoy the product in season and prepare it for the winter. One of the most common harvesting methods is caviar. There are many recipes, among which some are distinguished under the name "squash caviar for the winter you will lick your fingers." We will try to give a list of the best and most worthy of such a slogan in the article below.

A simple recipe for novice housewives

This recipe is good because, using a limited amount of products and with a minimum of effort, even a novice housewife will be able to prepare such a delicious snack that the taster will want to lick not only a spoon, but also his fingers.

List of ingredients

For a simple preparation of snacks, you will need the zucchini themselves in the amount of 1 kg, 1 large carrot, a head of onion and a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste. You also need to use half a teaspoon of sugar, vegetable oil in a small amount for frying vegetables. Salt and pepper can be added to taste.

Important! The recipe is for a small amount of vegetables. If necessary, their number can be increased proportionally.

Cooking technology

Cooking squash caviar according to a simple recipe consists of the following steps:

  • wash the zucchini, remove the skin and seeds;
  • chop the vegetable into cubes and fry in a pan on all sides. For frying, you need to use a little oil;
  • chop the carrots on a grater, chop the onion with a knife. Fry vegetables in a separate frying pan with the addition of oil;
  • Mix the fried ingredients in a saucepan and add sugar to the total mass, salt and pepper if necessary;
  • simmer vegetables in a saucepan over low heat for 10-15 minutes. If they start to burn, then you can add a little water;
  • mix the mixture of ingredients with a blender or twist through a meat grinder;
  • for final readiness, bring the squash caviar to a boil again and roll up in sterilized jars;
  • you need to preserve zucchini caviar in jars up to 1 liter;
  • cans already filled with caviar can also be sterilized. To do this, they are covered with a lid and placed in a large vat with water, which is boiled for 10-15 minutes, after which the cans are rolled up.

Having familiarized yourself with the technology, you can understand that the method is really quite simple and available even to an inexperienced housewife. Those who have tried the caviar prepared according to this recipe at least once can confirm that the taste of the appetizer is amazing.

Spicy zucchini caviar

Some spicy food lovers reproach squash caviar for the fact that its taste is not saturated enough. For them, you can offer a recipe for preparing a snack using mayonnaise, tomato paste and red pepper.

Ingredients for cooking

The recipe is designed for a large number of jars, so it is recommended to take 6 kg of zucchini at once. If necessary, you can reduce this amount to 3 or 2 kg. In this case, the amount of all other ingredients will need to be reduced by 2 or 3 times, respectively.

In addition to zucchini, you will need 1 kg of onion, tomato paste and mayonnaise in an amount of 500 ml to prepare a snack. From spices use 2 tbsp. l. salt, 1 tbsp. ground red pepper, 150 g of sugar, 50-70 ml of table vinegar and vegetable oil.

Important! You can replace the tomato paste in your recipe with twisted tomatoes from your garden.

Step-by-step cooking instructions

You can cook spicy squash caviar using the following technology:

  • cut the zucchini peeled from the skin and seeds into large pieces and grind them with a meat grinder;
  • chop onions with a knife and lightly fry in a pan, adding vegetable oil;
  • Combine zucchini with fried onions in one large container and simmer for 90 minutes. It is not necessary to cover the container with a lid, since excess liquid should evaporate;
  • add mayonnaise, tomato paste and spices to the total mass of products. Mix everything thoroughly, cover and simmer for another half hour;
  • add vinegar and red pepper, bring the mixture to a boil again and roll into jars.

Of course, it takes a lot of time to prepare caviar according to this recipe, but the result is amazing. Many sophisticated consumers claim that this particular recipe for marrow caviar for the winter can be called “you will lick your fingers”.

Zucchini caviar with bell pepper and garlic

Sweet bell peppers are able to add their taste to many winter preparations, including squash caviar. The recipe for caviar with bell pepper and garlic is liked by many, if not all, tasters. For lovers of sweet pepper, be sure to try the appetizer prepared according to this recipe.

Necessary products

You can prepare delicious caviar from 1 kg of zucchini, 6 medium-sized onions, 6 carrots, 2 sweet Bulgarian peppers, 10 tomatoes or the corresponding amount of tomato paste, 3-4 cloves of garlic. In addition, you will need 30 g of vinegar, 30 g of salt, vegetable oil and 50 g of sugar.

Cooking steps

Making zucchini caviar with bell pepper is quite simple. This requires:

  • prepare vegetables: peel and cut the zucchini into pieces, chop the carrots on a grater, chop the onion, remove the skin from the tomatoes and chop them and bell peppers;
  • in a frying pan, fry the zucchini pieces, onions and peppers. It is important that the zucchini are well fried on all sides, so it is better to put them in a pan in a thin layer;
  • fry tomatoes with carrots and garlic in another pan;
  • in a large saucepan, combine the fried ingredients and grind with a blender. In the absence of this type of technique, you can use the good old meat grinder;
  • add sugar and salt to caviar of a homogeneous consistency, after mixing, boil it for another third of an hour. Add vinegar a few minutes before the end of cooking;
  • Spread caviar (hot) in jars and preserve.

The given recipe is quite simple and quick to do. Each frying of vegetables takes about 15-20 minutes. Stew the caviar after mixing the ingredients for about another 30 minutes. In general, cooking squash caviar will take a little over an hour.

An excellent recipe for experienced and novice housewives

Among all the variety of recipes, this particular recipe is distinguished by its exquisite taste and surprisingly delicate combination of products. After all, not every dish contains a combination of green apples, chili peppers, garlic, zucchini and a whole range of different products. Of course, you can talk a lot about this recipe for a very long time, but it is much more important to cook the appetizer yourself and try it.

Everything you need to cook

Based on 2 kg of zucchini, you will need 1 bell pepper, 1 onion, 1 green apple, chili pepper (if necessary, you can replace it with a spoonful of ground red pepper), 1 carrot, tomato paste in the amount of 70 g and 1 small head of garlic. Also, in addition to the main products, you need to stock up on such preservatives as sugar (1 tbsp.), Salt (50 g), oil (1 tbsp.) And 9% vinegar (90-100 g). Delicious caviar can be prepared by a competent combination of this particular set of products.

Cooking process

The uniqueness of this recipe lies in the fact that you do not need to fry the vegetables beforehand. The process of preparing an appetizer is based on stewing:

  • peel the zucchini, chop finely and twist in a meat grinder;
  • Bulgarian pepper, garlic, onion, apple, chili pepper and carrots, chop with a blender;
  • mix zucchini with chopped vegetables, add tomato paste, sugar, salt, oil and vinegar to the total mixture;
  • simmer a mixture of vegetables over low heat for about 1.5 hours, stirring regularly;
  • put the ready-made caviar in jars and preserve.

The recipe does not require pre-frying vegetables, but the variety of products and their competent combination allows you to get the most delicate appetizer with an excellent taste during the stewing process.

Zucchini caviar according to GOST

Many gourmets prefer to eat exactly that squash caviar, which can be found on store shelves. But an experienced hostess can prepare a complete analogue according to the existing GOST with her own hands.

Ingredients for caviar

To prepare 650 g of caviar (one can), you will need 1.5 kg of zucchini (peeled), 60 g of onions and 90 g of carrots, 120 g of tomato paste. The uniqueness of the recipe lies in the use of roots. You can use the roots of parsley, parsnip, celery. The required amount of this ingredient is 25 g. From preservatives it is necessary to use 30 g of salt, 15 g of sugar, 80 ml of oil and 1.5 g of black pepper.

Detailed description of the cooking steps

You can cook caviar from zucchini, similar to that which is produced on an industrial scale in factories, at home. To do this, the following manipulation sequence must be observed:

  • peel and finely dice the courgettes;
  • chop carrots and roots, cut onion into cubes;
  • fry the zucchini in a skillet with the addition of oil until a yellowish crust is obtained;
  • fry carrots, onions and roots separately from zucchini;
  • combine fried ingredients in a large container;
  • chop vegetables with a blender or meat grinder;
  • simmer caviar for 15 minutes;
  • add sugar, tomato paste, pepper and salt;
  • simmer for another 10 minutes, roll up in sterilized jars.

Important! Ideally, to prepare zucchini caviar according to this recipe, you need to use 50% of the total mass of parsnip roots and 25% each of parsley and celery.

Some housewives call the caviar prepared according to this recipe “the taste of childhood”, and some call it “you will lick your fingers”. But no matter what the name of the appetizer is, it will still conquer any taster with its taste, having received a new worthy title.

Another recipe for a zucchini snack with a detailed overview of all stages of preparation is shown in the video:

Some secrets of caviar preparation

Cooking squash caviar will probably not be difficult for an experienced chef, but the following tips may be useful for novice housewives:

  • Young zucchini can be used without removing the thin skin.
  • The skin of tomatoes becomes rough during cooking, so it must be removed by scalding the vegetables with boiling water.
  • Greens (parsley, dill) can be added to caviar of any recipe.
  • If you cover the container with caviar during cooking, then the snack will be juicy, since the moisture will evaporate slowly. Caviar of a denser consistency can be obtained if the container is not covered with a lid at all.
  • When slicing zucchini, you do not need to try hard, since the vegetable will still need to be chopped.
  • At the intermediate stage of cooking, it may seem that the amount of seasonings and salt is excessive, but as soon as the zucchini juices, their concentration will decrease.
  • When frying, care must be taken that the vegetables do not burn, otherwise the color change and characteristic flavor will remain in the caviar.
  • Tomato paste can be substituted with tomato juice or fresh vegetables.
  • Using a meat grinder, you can make caviar, the consistency of which will consist of small grains, "eggs".
  • You need to roll up zucchini caviar hot.
  • After rolling, the cans are turned over with the lid down and covered with a blanket.

Zucchini caviar is a delicacy appetizer, the preparation of which is available not only to experienced, but also to novice housewives. Among all the variety of recipes, it is easy to find the best option for yourself: tart caviar with pepper, caviar with and without vinegar, caviar with mayonnaise, tomatoes or bell peppers. This is not a complete list of recipes for caviar for the winter "lick your fingers." Which recipe to use can only be decided by the culinary specialist himself.

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