Shrub rose: pruning for the winter

Roses are the pride of many gardeners, despite the finicky and difficult care. Only compliance with the requirements and rules allows you to get beautifully flowering bushes in the summer. Moreover, some varieties of spray roses bloom several times per season, enveloping the surrounding space with their fragrance, if you take care of the plants correctly.

The formation of rose bushes ensures timely and correct pruning, which is carried out in spring and autumn. They are conducted in different ways and have their own goals. We will tell you how to cut bush roses for the winter in the article.

The meaning of autumn pruning

For bush roses to please their owners, the plant must be strong and healthy. Beginning gardeners are most afraid of pruning. This is not surprising, since it is almost impossible to correct mistakes. If bush roses are not cut in autumn, they will go into winter with unnecessary shoots, which in spring will weaken them and prevent a large number of buds from forming.

The main thing is not just to cut off the shoots on the rose bushes, but to determine to what extent the procedure itself is necessary. As a rule, correct pruning ensures the growth of a sufficient number of shoots and green mass on roses in the spring, and plants overwinter more successfully.

Attention! For old rose bushes, trim the shoots to a minimum.

So, what does autumn pruning give:

  • spray roses develop and grow better;
  • the vegetative growth of new shoots is enhanced;
  • nutrients are not wasted on highly branched bushes, but fall into those parts of the plant that are preparing for the winter cold;
  • during pruning, roses not only rejuvenate, but most importantly, they get rid of diseases and pests;
  • lighting of the bush, air circulation increases.

Thanks to pruning, as one of the stages of caring for rose bushes, the timely laying of flower buds and new strong shoots will take place, which will have time to ripen before sheltering for the winter. This means that next summer your roses will bloom profusely.

How to prune

Pruning of rose bushes is carried out with special tools and solutions for disinfecting the sections. We will need:

  • pruner or lopper;
  • garden saw or hacksaw;
  • rake;
  • Bordeaux liquid and garden var.

Attention! Cutting tools on bush roses must be sharp.

Work must be carried out with heavy gloves, as the thorns can injure the hands.

Before the start of the events, the tools must be treated in potassium permanganate or wiped with alcohol. If the tools are dull, they must be sharpened. Blunt tools when pruning flatten the shoots, bite them, which leads to deformation, delamination. Such shoots on a bush rose either die off or do not heal for a long time even after treatment.

General rules for pruning

Shrub roses for the winter are cut only in dry weather. This ensures quick healing of wounds and a decrease in disease infection. Before pruning shoots and shoots, leaves are first plucked from all shoots. On a bare rose bush, all the flaws and unripe shoots are visible.

In addition, you must follow the rules that apply when pruning for all types of rose bushes:

  1. Shoots are not cut with pruning shears, but necessarily at an angle of 45 degrees. Why is it so? The answer to this question is simple: water does not stagnate on an oblique cut, which means that the wound will heal faster, and disease spores will not have time to penetrate it.
  2. First of all, you need to remove thin and dry shoots from the rose, and those that are more than three years old. Then comes the turn of soft and weak shoots, which will not have time to ripen before hiding. They are so weak that in winter they will certainly freeze, despite the shelter.
  3. Branches on a bush rose that have grown inside the bush, leaves and buds with flowers are also subject to pruning.
  4. During pruning, you need to pay attention to the buds. You need to retreat from them at least half a centimeter. It is best to leave the buds growing outward rather than inward. When in the spring the grown shoots do not cross, which will ensure sufficient air circulation in the middle of the bush.
  5. At least one centimeter of the shoot should remain above the bud. If the cut is too low, the bud will not have enough strength to open in spring. A greater distance will reduce the plant's immunity, weaken the shoot.
  6. When caring for bush roses and preparing them for winter, pay attention that the apical bud left during pruning does not germinate and looks out.
  7. When pruning stems, pay attention to the color of the wood. The living core on the shoots of rose bushes is white. It is precisely to him that you need to get there. If the cut wood is brown, you will have to do a short cut. Processes of white or bluish color are also subject to removal. They will not be able to survive the winter. But they will certainly become a source of infection.

Attention! When pruning in autumn, you do not need to be very zealous, because the plant has yet to survive the winter.

Security measures

Advice! Sections should be immediately treated with garden pitch, brilliant greens or dry wood ash.

Not only mature bush roses are subject to pruning, but also those that were planted in the current year. Everything is done exactly the same.

After thinning has been carried out, everything that turned out to be under the plants, including the leaves, must be removed and burned. After all, these plant residues can cause fungal diseases.

Experienced gardeners, after cutting garden roses, be sure to treat them with fungicides, copper sulfate or Bordeaux liquid. Along with brilliant green, garden varnish or wood ash, these drugs contribute not only to the healing of the slices, but at the same time help to get rid of diseases and insects on bush roses and on the soil.

Terms of pruning roses

Gardeners, especially beginners, are often interested in when to start pruning rose bushes in the fall. Even the most experienced person cannot give an unambiguous answer to the question. The point is that you need to focus on the weather and climatic conditions of the region. Even in the same garden every year, such an operation is carried out at different times, which can stretch from October 20 to November 10 for gardeners living in central Russia.

An early shortening of the shoots will not allow them to ripen before the onset of cold weather and will cause their death.

Advice! It is best to prune the rose bush when the average daily temperatures drop to minus 1-3 degrees.

Proven pruning methods:

Transplanting rose bushes in autumn

Often you have to free up space on the site and transplant an old rose. This is a serious work that requires compliance with certain operations in order not to lead the plant to death.

How to decide on a deadline

As a rule, planting and replanting rose bushes is scheduled at the time when pruning is carried out. This is around mid-October. After all, the transplanted plant needs to take root and get stronger before the cold weather. This takes at least a month.

Before you dig up the bushes and move them to a new location, you need to do a little pruning. It touches long and dry shoots. You don't need to touch anything else. It is better to adjust and form a bush rose after opening, during spring leaving.

Correct transplant is the key to flowering

Before replanting an adult plant, you need to prepare a hole. It should be deep and wide. The main thing is that after transplanting a bush rose, it does not turn out to be higher than it grew earlier.

The bush, scheduled for transfer to a new place, is dug in half a meter in diameter, notches are made, then a clod of earth is carefully lifted. It is better to raise a rose with assistants.

Since the plant has a limited time for survival, it is necessary to preserve the root system and an earthen ball of a bush rose when transporting and moving to a new location.

Having laid the rose bush in place, they sprinkle it with earth, trample it down and spill it well so that the water reaches the bottom of the pit.

Attention! The soil for transplanting is chosen fertile, and when watering, Kornevin or any other root formation stimulator is used to accelerate root growth.

Sometimes a rose is transplanted in another area to which the plants need to be transported. In this case, the rose taken out of the pit is placed on a rag and tied so that the earth does not crumble. You can plant without removing the fabric, only the knot needs to be untied. The matter will simply crush in the soil, giving additional nutrition.

Care for the transplanted bush rose will be the same as for the rest of the plants.


At first, errors will occur during autumn care and pruning of bush roses. But with experience they will become less, and your rose bushes will always delight the eye with neatness and abundant flowering. Do not be afraid of difficulties, because they can always be overcome.

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