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A tarpaulin is a dense covering material, usually made of flexible PVC. A cheap option is a two-layer polyethylene blanket. A large awning for the pool is attached to a rigid frame. Bedspreads, covers, covers and other similar devices are in demand for open type fonts. The awning prevents the ingress of debris, and on a hot day accumulates solar energy, directing it to heat the water.

Varieties of bedspreads

The cover for the pool differs in the material of manufacture:

  • For any type of pool, a two-layer film with air bubbles is considered the best cover. SOLAR is considered a popular manufacturer of bedspreads. The advantage of the material is its low weight. One person can easily cover the pool with bubble wrap. You don't even need to attach the coverlet to the sides of the bowl. These awnings are sometimes called a blanket. The secret lies in the air bubbles. In fact, the bedspread is an excellent heat insulator. Air bubbles prevent pool water from cooling down at night.

    Important! Cheap pool tents will last a maximum of 2-3 seasons, and a two-layer film will last up to 5 years. The disadvantage of the bedspread is its high cost.

  • PVC tarpaulins for swimming pools are characterized by a strong structure. The disadvantage is the complexity of storage. If the recommended PVC conditions are violated, the cover cracks. The large weight of the awning makes it difficult to lay on a hot tub with a diameter of more than three meters. The service life, subject to all conditions, is up to three seasons. The branded product will last about 10 years. The awning is used for any type of pool, but it is made individually according to the size and shape of the bowl. Manufacturers of inflatable and frame fonts are sometimes equipped with bedspreads or offer to buy separately for a specific model.

    Important! The PVC awning is fastened with ropes to the racks of the frame pool.

  • The bedspread made of laminated polypropylene looks like burlap. The awning is lightweight and cheap. Usually such covers are used for small inflatable fonts. The service life does not exceed two seasons. Fixation to the bowl is done with ropes.

If we consider in general the methods of fixing awnings to fonts, then there are three types:

  • rope fastening;
  • bedspreads SOLAR without fixation;
  • complex fixation to the frame in large hot tubs.

In everyday life, the most common is the rope attachment of the awning to the pool.

The need to use a bedspread

Manufacturers do not in vain recommend a cover for the pool and even initially complete some models of bowls. Any blanket will make it easier for the owner to take care of the pool. Foliage from trees will not get into the water of the covered bowl. The wind will not carry light debris, dust. Birds fly over the pool, and without an awning, droppings will be in the water.

It is easy to pull the coverlet over small bowls, which can be done daily. Covering large fonts is problematic, which determines the use of an awning in the following cases:

  • the hot tub is not used for more than two days;
  • the bowl is located under the trees;
  • winter conservation of the font.

For small inflatable and children's pools, the cover can be dispensed with if there is a possibility of free discharge of dirty water.

The video tells about the pool awning:

Debunking myths

There is an opinion that the cover for the pool protects from all misfortunes; other myths should also serve for a long time. In fact, the illusion is refuted by the facts:

  • Not a single bedspread is capable of completely protecting water from pollution, and even more so from flowering. Manufacturers on the awning provide up to ten small holes. In case of rain, water will flow into the bowl instead of accumulating on the lid. Otherwise, under heavy weight, the entire shelter will be too heavy or dive into the pool. Together with rainwater and drafts, dust enters through the openings, contaminating the font. The awning will definitely not save you from the blooming of water in the pool, since the process occurs due to organic contamination.
  • When buying a cover, do not expect it to last longer than the pool. Bed covers, like filter cartridges and bottom pads, are consumable items. The service life of an awning depends on the quality, accuracy of use and rarely exceeds 5 years. Belgian covers will last up to 10 years, but they are very expensive.
  • There is an opinion that a cover should be completed with any of the swimming pools on sale. In fact, the manufacturer usually puts a protective blanket on oversized fonts. The case is not an integral accessory. If necessary, the consumer buys it separately.

Having decided to install the pool, the owner thinks over all the nuances, deciding whether it is necessary to overpay for an awning or whether you can do without a cover.

Nuances of choice

Outlets offer a huge selection of pool covers. The choice is based not only on a suitable size, but there are a number of other nuances:

  • In summer, light PVC fabric with a density index of maximum 580 g / m2 is suitable.2.
  • For winter storage, use covers with a density of at least 630 g / m2.
  • The dark color of the shelter is used for unheated fonts. The lids store solar energy to heat the water. If the awning is stretched over the frame in the form of a canopy over the bowl, then preference is given to light colors that reflect the sun's rays.
  • Cheap covers from unknown manufacturers will not last long. It is more profitable to buy a branded item.
  • Bedspreads made of PVC material are only soldered. If they offer to buy a sewn awning, it is a fake.

Awnings on large bowls sink into the water without additional support. To hold the canvas, a frame is made from a metal profile. The section of the elements of the metal structure is calculated taking into account the dimensions of the bowl. Stationary frames are installed for the entire lifetime of the pool without the possibility of neat disassembly. Sliding systems are mobile. If necessary, the frame can be disassembled.


An expensive structure is the pool canopy, which protects the water from pollution and the entire recreation area from the scorching rays of the sun. Lightweight structures of low height are covered with a light-colored awning on top. The side part is covered with transparent curtains that protect the resting place from wind and dust. If necessary, the curtains are removed or rolled in rolls, leaving only the roof above the font.

High canopies represent a serious structure, where a combination of materials of different structures is practiced. The roof is usually made of polycarbonate. The side part is covered with an awning, sliding systems are installed, glass glazing. Such a recreation area can even be equipped with heating for swimming in spring and autumn, when it is still cold outside.

Advice! Polycarbonate and awnings are sold in different colors. The combination of materials in different shades creates a relaxing atmosphere around the relaxation area.

Popular manufacturers

When buying an awning, you should not chase a low price. Disappointment will come after the first season. Having decided on the type of shelter, pay attention to the manufacturer. Blinds of Belgian, German and French manufacturers are characterized by high quality. Examples are brands: Vogt, Ocea, DEL.

The Canadian tarpaulin covers under the brand name HTS Synthetics Ltd. have proven themselves well. Of those available in terms of price / quality ratio, the products of BestWay and Intex are popular. Manufacturers offer awnings of different densities and sizes, covers, bedspreads.

If the budget for organizing a vacation spot is unlimited - a direct road to VOEROKA or Pool Technologies. Professional specialists will install a pavilion that protects the pool from rain, wind and debris.

Homemade bedspread

To sew an awning for a small country pool yourself, you will need waterproof material. It is advisable to give preference to a dark color in order to speed up the heating of the water. Particular attention is paid to the strength of the material. Thick PET sacking will do.

The shelter will be fixed with cables or ropes. On the cover, holes are provided, framed with metal rivets, or grooves are sewn.

The bedspread manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  • The size of the font is measured with a tape measure, taking into account the descent of the tarpaulin onto the sides.
  • The rolled material is cut into fragments. For a curly bowl, patterns are cut out.
  • The finished pieces are sewn together with a machine. The seam is made strong, preferably double.
  • Metal rivets with holes for the rope are placed along the edges. You can sew the frame in the form of a groove, and retract the cable.

The homemade cover is ready. It remains on the bowl to provide fastenings for tying the ropes, and you can cover the font.

If the cover is made for a large font, you will additionally have to take care of the frame. Farms are welded from a profile pipe or buy a finished structure in a specialized store.

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