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How to plant dill

Hello! Please share your tricks of planting dill. That's all self-seeding, but I have no way. I always went to my grandmother, a neighbor, for dill, although every year I sow it myself. This year the grandmother came down, there is no place to get dill, there are no other neighbors. I’m sitting, reading, what day, I’m studying.


Last year, sowed in the spring in the garden, did not ascend. Then the basil planted on the same place and covered it with a non-woven fabric, both climbed up 🙂 🙂 a funny bed then turned out 🙂 and as a rule yes, we don’t weed out the whole, we leave here and there in the garden to grow and bloom.

Dill seeds quickly lose their germination. First you can check the seeds for germination.

I read somewhere that the seeds bought in a pharmacy germinate well. I bought all sorts of varieties, but I will also try pharmacy dill 🙂

I collect my dill, and scatter dry seeds in the spring, then I dig and they gradually sprout, ditch for food, leave the weeding for umbrellas as needed, and freeze the rest.

Acidic soil, dill grows poorly in it.

I buy dill seed in a drugstore, a large bundle is profitable, I spread it in the potato field, we plow in the spring, and before parting up the potatoes we collect part of the dill. Dry, freeze. And after hilling it out a lot more. Then we wipe it like a weed. Enough for yourself and your neighbors.

Dill should be sown not in the garden but wherever, especially where there is a lot of watering

My dill is also growing poorly. Last year, about 10 twigs grew, and a tiny centimeter 15. I also took it from the neighbors, the benefit of friendly gardening, we help each other than we can. I realized that dill doesn’t grow so much. K. Sour soil (but grace for Pansies!) This year I have two solutions (maybe they will suit you) I will plant a part in the greenhouse (there is purchased land) And the other part in the garden (neighbors give their self-seeding with pieces of their land)

I agree with you, my plot is lower than that of others, and the land is acidic, there is always a little dill,

It can be sown as you like. I was more comfortable bed. Cut to green and growing further. And do not collect in a beam throughout the garden.

Acidic soil. I always pour ash on the beds, and now I read that dill does not like ash. You don’t understand. Someone recommends holding seeds in vodka, someone in hot water. And what harmless soil deoxidize?

And I didn’t know that he was growing further, uprooted everything with roots

Before planting, I soak the seeds for a day right in a glass of water at room temperature, and during the day I drain 5 times and pour fresh water. Then I will dry the seeds and immediately sow.

Scatter dolomite flour in the fall

In the greenhouse, it grows fine, on the bed is skinny (seeds only of its own) for this year scattered everywhere

And you ask someone to leave seeds through the fence :-) my neighbor didn’t grow either, I threw her in the fall. The next year, a carpet of dill was.

Yes, plant as you like, and sit without dill

Cool! Only I even ask no one to leave, there is no one at all, summer residents just come to sing May songs.

Wonderful! You give them seeds in their hands - let them sing songs and throw dill to you!

Why are you Olga so? We are always calm, without panic on the site

I put dill overnight in a damp cloth, tied in a plastic bag. In the morning I dry and sow a bed. I prefer bush.

Thank you all very much! I pack seedlings on carbolic mushrooms and carry them in a car, I feel I’ll ride on the trunk


You are not alone in this situation

Same thing with dill.

Also anyutki like a weed. And to pry a pity and a lot of it. And the coltsfoot overcame! I don’t know how to get rid of it.

And besides this flour, can anything else? Is flour itself harmful to the garden?

In many articles they wrote that they did it for deoxidation of the soil, so I wrote to you) I didn’t try it myself, nobody wrote anything about the harm.

I read the wall above. We need to plant blueberries in our acidic soil and not suffer from dill. The benefits are great!

Phacelia soil deoxidizes well

Dill Alligator is good. After cutting, it continues to grow further, no need to sow.