Cucumber Boy with thumb

Description of cucumbers A boy with a finger and positive reviews about growing vegetables in open ground and greenhouses speak of the successful work of Russian breeders. Domestic gardeners appreciated the variety for its high yield and disease resistance.

Description of cucumbers Boy with thumb F1

Heterotic hybrid of cucumbers The boy with a finger is the result of the selection work of the Russian agricultural company Manul. The variety was entered in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation in 2000. Recommended for planting throughout Russia. Cucumbers Boy with a finger form an ovary without pollination by bees. In addition to yield and immunity to diseases, gardeners note the culture's resistance to autumn frosts and cool summers in the North-West region, as well as excellent taste.

The plant bears fruit both in open and protected ground. Cucumber of this variety is successfully grown even on the balconies of city apartments.

Variety Boy with a finger according to the description and photos has:

  • tall and climbing bushes;
  • large leaves and inflorescences;
  • dense cylindrical zelents;
  • small fruits of dark green color;
  • cucumber harvest from 7 to 14 kg per 1 sq. m.

Taste qualities of cucumbers

Cucumbers Boy with a finger have excellent taste. Ripe fruits are distinguished by a dense consistency, pleasant aroma and a characteristic crunch when used. The peel of the cucumber is thin, there is no bitter substance in it, so you do not need to cut it off before using it for food. The pulp of the fruit is tender, contains many sugars and trace elements.

Cucumbers grow A boy with a small finger - up to 11 cm, rich dark green color. The peel has characteristic bumps.

Due to their dense consistency, cucumbers tolerate transportation well: they do not wrinkle or crack.

Such a crop is good for pickling and pickling in jars. The processed cucumbers retain their good taste. In the marinade, they remain firm and crispy, the flesh does not fall apart and keeps its shape.

Pros and cons of the variety

In vegetable salads, Boy with a finger cucumbers perfectly reveal the taste. The vegetable is not watery, which is important when cutting, however, it is quite juicy, it goes well with tomatoes, peppers and aromatic herbs.

The variety is rich in positive characteristics:

  1. High germination. There are practically no hollow seeds in the package. Subject to the rules for growing seedlings, sprouts appear in 99% of cases.
  2. Early ripening. The first fruiting begins 5 to 6 weeks after germination.
  3. Extended fruiting period. Crisp cucumbers can be harvested for about 3 months: thus, almost all summer is ensured by regular harvesting of green vegetables.
  4. High yield rates. One bush can give at least 7 kg of harvest per season.
  5. The taste and appearance of cucumbers. Cucumbers have high taste characteristics both fresh and salted. The skin of the fruit is not rough, not bitter, and the pulp has a pleasant sweetish taste. Cucumbers grow small, do not have the ability to grow to the size of a squash: if the cucumber is not picked in time, it will stop at 11 cm in length and will only thicken.
  6. High endurance. The variety perfectly withstands temperature extremes, prolonged absence of watering and pest attacks.
  7. Good adaptability. Hybrids are successfully grown both in the open field, and in a greenhouse, and under a film, and in an apartment - on a balcony or even on a windowsill.

The unique hybrid variety Boy with a Thumb has small features that can hardly be attributed to obvious shortcomings. So, for example, the harvest of cucumbers from the apartment window sill is inferior to the harvest grown in greenhouses, since the variety is very light-loving and does not bear fruit well under insufficient lighting.

Optimal growing conditions

Cucumbers A boy with a finger is grown from seeds or ready-made seedlings.

The rules for growing this hybrid of cucumbers are no different from growing other varieties. For germination of seedlings, warmth and moderate humidity are required. For this, a seed is planted in the prepared soil to a depth of about 1 cm. The well is sprinkled with soil and moistened with a spray bottle. For better germination, the seeds are covered with polyethylene in order to create a greenhouse effect. After the first shoots appear, the polyethylene is removed and young shoots are looked after.

Young seedlings need favorable conditions for good growth.

  1. The seeds should germinate in loose soil. Before germination, the soil should be well moistened.
  2. Cucumber seedlings love warm soil: for optimal development of the root system, the daytime temperature should be above 20 oC, and night - not less than 15 oFROM.
  3. Seedlings also respond favorably to feeding, weeding, and loosening.

Growing cucumbers Boy with thumb

Cultivation of cucumbers A boy with a finger is possible directly in the open ground, or by seedling.

Despite the chosen planting method, the seeds must be soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This will rid them of pathogens, fungi and bacteria. In addition, the experience of gardeners speaks of the best germination of disinfected seeds.

Direct planting in open ground

The treated seeds are planted in open ground in warm weather conditions. At the same time, the cucumber beds are enriched with mineral fertilizers.

In a broken ridge, the soil should be loose and free of lumps, stones or old roots.

A lace is pulled along the prepared bed and grooves are drawn with it, the distance between which should be 60 - 70 cm. Before sowing, the holes are well fertilized with manure and spilled with water. 1 - 2 seeds are sown into the formed furrows, observing a step of 20 - 30 cm.

It is necessary to remember about the high germination of cucumber hybrid seeds. Seedlings of the Boy with a finger are not thinned out, so the seeds should not be sown often.

Seedling growing

The grown seedlings are planted in the ground when the plants reach a height of 20 - 25 cm, while at least 4 - 5 leaves should be formed.

Before planting, the plant is carefully removed from the container, trying to carefully handle the fragile roots. Many gardeners grow seedlings in a biodegradable natural container, which, along with a root ball, is planted in a prepared hole. The distance between young cucumbers should be about 30 cm for free growth and development of shoots.

The planted seedlings are watered and covered with a special covering material or an empty plastic bottle. In such a mini-greenhouse, the root system quickly adapts to new conditions.

After a week, the protective material can be removed and the cucumbers can be poured with nitrogenous fertilizers.

Watering and feeding

Variety Boy with a finger bears fruit well with moderate watering. Young plants need more active moisture than mature ones.

Aqueous solutions of wood ash, superphosphate, nitrogen and potassium are excellent fertilizers. For convenience, garden departments sell ready-made complexes of mineral fertilizers in ampoules, in the form of a powder or an aqueous emulsion.


Cucumber bushes of the Boy with a finger grow in greenhouses large, with a lot of greens. Without a garter on wet ground, the plant will quickly rot and die. For an even distribution of sunlight, the grown bushes must be tied to supports.

In care, cucumbers of the Boy with a finger are unpretentious and do not require additional efforts. Mature plants do not need to be pinched. To avoid infections, it is imperative to remove old withered and yellowed leaves.

Protection against diseases and pests

When developing hybrid cucumbers, Russian breeders took care of creating a disease-resistant variety: it is not susceptible to cucumber mosaic, powdery mildew and cladosporiosis.

In order to prevent diseases and for a successful harvest, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Be sure to process the seeds of cucumbers before planting with a weak solution of manganese.
  2. Plant seeds or seedlings in warm soil.
  3. Regularly weed cucumber bushes from weeds that serve as carriers of diseases.
  4. Fertilize with mineral dressings and water the plants in a timely manner.


This hybrid variety is distinguished not only by its resistance to frost and disease, but is especially loved by many gardeners for its high yield. 7 kg of fresh crispy cucumbers are harvested from one square meter per season. Provided there is good lighting, proper watering and feeding, the yield indicator can be increased to 14 kg / sq. m.

The fruits of the variety are small, but very fragrant and dense. 6


Description of cucumbers A boy with a finger promises a high yield with minimal care costs. This may seem like an exaggeration, but modern breeding possibilities have made it possible to combine in one hybrid the ability to give a very early harvest, resistance to diseases and such unpretentiousness of the plant to growing conditions, which allows you to get cucumbers on the windowsill.

Cucumber reviews Boy with a finger F1

Inga, 45 years old, Tambov

For many years now I have been planting a variety of cucumbers. Little Boy in my garden. It grows well in the greenhouse. I also tried to grow it in the open field. I love the taste of cucumbers, the way they crunch in salads. Pickled cucumbers are especially successful.

Pavel Vladimirovich, 60 years old, Astana

I am an avid gardener, vegetable grower with 30 years of experience. According to the manufacturer's descriptions and gardeners' reviews, the Boy with a finger cucumbers grow well and practically do not get sick. I have checked and confirmed by experience. Among the various varieties that have happened to be planted, the Boy with a finger received a high rating from me, I recommend it.

Alevtina, 55 years old, Petrozavodsk

For me, a real find are cucumbers. Boy with a finger. We have frequent weather changes in our region, a long cold spring and all the other delights of the northern region. However, cucumbers of only this variety are unpretentious and consistently bear fruit in my greenhouse. Delicious, crispy and aromatic.

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