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How to feed radish seedlings

Tell me, please, how to feed the shoots of radishes?


What is wrong with her?

They just say how the seedlings appear need something to feed

Radish should be watered more often, otherwise it will be bitter, it grows well without fertilizer, after 3-4 weeks, eat it.

Tell me, be sure to cover it in the evening?

And also necessarily thin out.

Thinning out when 2 real sheets appear? or better when seven-sided?

Have you sown very often? I sow with an interval of 4-5 cm, then it grows good.

Better when the real ones.

And I always sow under the cover. It grows well and quickly especially the earliest - protection from the cold at night. And most importantly there is no midge!

Sprinkle it with ash from a flea and that's it!


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