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Why the leaves of zucchini after picking coarsened and bent

Why the leaves of zucchini after picking coarsened and bent

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Tell me what happens to my zucchini seedlings? Transplanted from a snail into a diaper with earth, and the cotyledonous leaves coarsened and bent.


And the earth in the cups is the same as in the snail?

Why so early? they don’t like transplants at all. Right in the country in May and then grow well

In the snail, they were on toilet paper.

I did as Julia spoke in her video. In a snail on toilet paper, and then transplanted in a diaper with earth. Those that remained in the snail feel fine, but in diapers this is such a disaster.

Probably, but she shoots the video for us ahead of schedule. Although probably you are south

Yes, everything is fine. There was simply not enough food there. Now they’re having fun.

We should not immediately switch to snails. If you really want to plant zucchini seedlings, then with one transplant. Zucchini can be planted without a snail in a diaper. Why “fence a city”? Well, and these will get sick and also give you a harvest!

Everything is normal for you.


We have the south, neighbors today planted zucchini seeds in the garden, and on March 28 I planted seedlings and thought it was too early, but it turned out to be too late 🙂

Cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins are planted with 25 = 30 day old seedlings, older ones take root poorly, and better younger.

I know this, they’re just already planting in the ground and I’m still growing at home, I’m afraid to take it out in the garden, although today it was +19 in the shade during the day.

And you cover the top with bottles, that's all. I cover with plastic 5 l.

And if +10 does not freeze?

Tomorrow I’ll probably land it all the same, thanks!

Good luck, went to bed, tired today.


I don’t know what is the difficulty in planting in a snail, and then transplanted. Since I have no experience, any way is new to me. With one transplant, is it already in the ground?

Thanks to everyone for responding so quickly.

Elena, the plants are sick. From a snail to a diaper, then to the ground. Melons do not like an extra transplant. You can at least only in the diaper. And you need to carefully pass. And part of the zucchini immediately a seed in the ground.



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