Tomato Raspberry Miracle: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Raspberry Miracle: characteristics and description of the variety

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Tomatoes The Raspberry Miracle is appreciated for its great taste, large fruits and high yield. This includes several varieties with similar characteristics. All representatives of the varieties are resistant to diseases and difficult growing conditions.

Series characteristics

Description of tomatoes Raspberry Miracle:

  • Raspberry wine. Mid-season hybrid for planting in a greenhouse. The bush is tall, it needs pinching. The fruits are rich in taste and weigh about 350 g.
  • Crimson sunset. Mid-early tomato for growing under cover. The plant reaches a height of 2 m. Fruits are large, have a rounded shape.
  • Raspberry paradise. Early ripening variety with high yield. Fruit weight reaches 600 g. The pulp is juicy and sugary.
  • Bright Robin. Tomatoes with an unusual watermelon flavor. The mass of individual fruits reaches 700 g.
  • Raspberries. Variety with fleshy fruits weighing 400 g. Produces a high yield.

Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Raspberry Miracle:

  • large ribbed fruits weighing from 200 to 600 g;
  • smooth crimson skin;
  • juicy fleshy pulp;
  • sweet taste;
  • small number of chambers and seeds;
  • increased dry matter content.

The grown fruits are suitable for making salads, sauces, soups, side dishes, snacks. They are used for processing into tomato juice and canning.

Getting seedlings

Tomatoes Raspberry Miracle are suitable for growing in greenhouse conditions. Previously, their seeds are germinated at home. When the air and soil warm up, and the seedlings become strong enough, then they are transferred to a permanent place.

Planting seeds

Tomato seeds are planted in February or March, depending on the growing region. Prepare the soil in advance, which includes soil and humus. An alternative option is to use peat cups or purchased land.

The soil from the garden plot is heated in the microwave to disinfect it. You can start disembarking 14 days after such processing.

Advice! Tomato seeds are soaked in warm water for a day to stimulate their germination.

If the planting material is covered with a bright shell, then additional processing is not required. This shell contains a complex of nutrients that promote the germination of tomatoes.

Containers are filled with prepared soil, the height of which should be 12-15 cm. Seeds are placed on top with an interval of 2.5 cm.They are covered with a layer of peat or soil 1.5 cm thick.

Tomatoes germinate fastest at ambient temperatures above 25 degrees. Another condition is to place the boxes in a dark place. Cover the top of the container with glass or plastic wrap.

Seedling care

For the development of seedlings, the Raspberry Miracle provides certain conditions:

  • air temperature during the day 20-25 ° С, at night - not lower than 10 ° С;
  • regular ventilation;
  • introduction of moisture;
  • lighting for half a day;
  • lack of drafts.

Tomato seedlings are watered with warm water. It is best to use settled or melted water. As the soil dries up, it is watered with a spray bottle, trying not to hurt the plants.

If the tomatoes were planted in boxes, then with the development of 2-3 leaves, they are dived into separate cups. The procedure can be avoided if the plants are already in separate containers.

Important! Top dressing for tomatoes Raspberry miracle is necessary if the plants are depressed and develop slowly. Then prepare a solution of Nitrofoski, which is poured over the tomatoes.

2 weeks before the tomatoes are transferred to the greenhouse or in the garden, they begin to harden. Containers with seedlings are rearranged on a balcony or loggia. They are provided with access to fresh air for 2 hours. Gradually, this period of time is increased.

Planting tomatoes

Tomatoes of the variety are transplanted 2 months after seed germination. Such seedlings have a height of about 30 cm and 5-6 fully formed leaves.

A place for planting tomatoes is chosen in the fall. Preference is given to areas where cucumbers, root crops, melons and legumes have been growing for a year. It is not recommended to plant in beds where any varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants grew.

In the greenhouse, the top layer of the soil is subject to replacement, in which fungal spores and pests accumulate. The soil is dug up, fertilized with rotted manure or compost.

Advice! The Raspberry Miracle tomatoes are placed on the beds with a pitch of 40 cm.When organizing several rows, leave a gap of 50 cm.

Tomatoes are recommended to be staggered. This makes planting and harvesting easier, and the plants get more sunlight.

In the beds, holes are prepared to match the size of the tomato root system. Plants are transferred with an earthen clod. Then the roots of the tomatoes are covered with soil, which is compacted and watered abundantly.

Variety care

Raspberry Miracle tomatoes produce high yields with proper care. Plants need watering and feeding. The soil under the plants is loosened and mulched with straw or peat. Plants are pinched regularly to improve their fruiting.

Watering tomatoes

Regular watering of tomatoes is carried out a week after planting. During this time, the plants will have time to get stronger and adapt to new conditions.

The scheme for watering tomatoes is as follows:

  • before the formation of ovaries, the plants are watered weekly, and 4 liters of water are used under the bush;
  • during fruiting, moisture is applied 2 times a week in an amount of 3 liters for each plant.

For tomatoes, more rare but abundant watering is preferable. With a lack of moisture, the top leaves of tomatoes begin to curl. The intensity of watering is reduced during the fruiting of tomatoes in order to avoid cracking of the fruits.

Tomatoes in greenhouses or open areas are watered with warm water. Previously, barrels are filled with it and left to bask in the sun. Moisture is applied under the root of tomatoes in the morning or evening.

Plant feeding

According to gardeners' reviews, the Raspberry Miracle tomato stands out for its abundant fruiting. Fruit formation is ensured by regular feeding. Fertilization occurs 3-4 times during the season.

The first feeding is performed 3 weeks after the transfer of seedlings to a permanent place. Plants are treated with Nitrofosk complex fertilizer. For a large bucket of water, 1 tbsp is enough. l. drug. The solution is applied under the bush when watering tomatoes.

Important! For the second feeding, a solution is prepared based on superphosphate and potassium salt (20 g of each component per bucket of water).

An interval of 2-3 weeks is made between treatments. An alternative to mineral dressing is wood ash, which contains a complex of useful substances.

Bush formation

According to their characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Miracle, they are tall. Their formation allows you to direct the forces of tomatoes to fruiting.

Every week, the bushes are pinched by shoots growing from the leaf sinus. The procedure is carried out weekly. As a result, the tomatoes form into one or two stems.

Disease protection

Raspberry Miracle tomatoes are disease resistant. With the rationing of watering and the correct formation of the bush, the likelihood of developing diseases decreases. For prevention, plants are treated with fungicides.

Tomatoes attract aphids, whiteflies, bear and other pests. Insecticides are used against insecticides or folk remedies in the form of tobacco dust, wood ash, infusion on onion peel or garlic.

Gardeners reviews

Ekaterina, 27 years old, Moscow region

Every year we plant tomatoes in our parents' dacha. Last year, one of the varieties for planting was the Raspberry Miracle tomato, according to gardeners, it is distinguished by early ripening and unpretentiousness. The seeds showed good germination. The seedlings were transferred to open ground in early June. The fruits grew large and fleshy, they went well for salads and tomato juice.

Valentina, 38 years old, Yekaterinburg

For several years now, tomatoes of the Raspberry Miracle series have been planted. Seedlings always grow amicably and do not get sick. Even in cold summer conditions and constant dampness, tomatoes grow quickly and do not get sick. The fruits do not ripen at the same time, so they need to be removed periodically. All fruits are smooth, beautiful and very tasty. The largest tomato weighed 600 g.

Alexander Viktorovich, 68 years old, Novosibirsk

Tomatoes are a must-have vegetable for my site. Last year I chose the Raspberry Miracle tomatoes according to the description. As a result, I planted several varieties included in this series. The Raspberry Dream variety turned out to be the most productive; I removed 10 kg of tomatoes from its bushes. I liked the sweet raspberry tomatoes, the bushes were just strewn with fruits. Tomatoes grew up to 2.5 m in height. I will definitely stepchild them up and tie them up.


Raspberry Miracle tomatoes have good taste and impressive size. Variety care includes the application of moisture and fertilizers. To increase yields, tomatoes are stepson. The fruits are used fresh or for further processing.

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