Growing osteospermum from seeds at home

Growing osteospermum from seeds at home

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Growing osteospermum from seeds is carried out at normal room temperature and good lighting. At first, the plants are placed in a greenhouse, while the containers are covered with foil or glass. Then they begin to ventilate and gradually reduce the temperature. And 10-15 days before being transferred to the open ground, the osteospermum seedlings are hardened at a low temperature.

Features of growing ostespermum through seedlings

Osteospermum (also called African chamomile) is a thermophilic plant, therefore, it is advisable to transfer it to open ground at the end of May, and in Siberia and other regions with cool springs - at the beginning of June. He has no fundamental differences from growing seedlings, for example, tomatoes or cucumbers.

The seeds are pickled and sown in well-loosened, fertile, light soil. Then they create greenhouse conditions, dive, feed, and 1-2 weeks before transfer to open ground, they begin to harden.

What osteospermum seeds look like

Osteospermum seeds (pictured) resemble sunflower seeds in shape. They are narrow, with pronounced ribbing, and have a pointed lower edge.

The color of the seeds of osteospermum is brown or brown, with a dark green tint

When to plant osteospermum seeds

You can plant osteospermum seeds for seedlings in the spring. Too early transfer to open ground can damage the plant due to recurrent frost. Sowing time - from early March to mid-April, it mainly depends on the climatic characteristics of the region:

  1. In the Moscow region and the middle lane, it is possible to sow osteospermum for seedlings in early April.
  2. In the North-West, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East - in mid-April.
  3. In the southern regions - in the second decade of March.

Planting osteospermum for seedlings

It is very simple to plant seeds for seedlings, for this they prepare the soil and soak them 1-2 hours before planting (for example, on a napkin). It is not necessary to deepen much - it is enough to slightly press with a toothpick.

Selection of containers and soil preparation

You can grow seedlings from osteospermum seeds in individual containers (peat pots, plastic cups) or in cassettes with drainage holes. A pick is undesirable for this plant - its roots are too delicate, so they can easily suffer even with a slight impact. The containers are pre-disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate 1% or using other means.

The soil can be purchased in the store (universal soil for seedlings) or you can compose it yourself based on the following components:

  • sod land (surface layer) - 1 part;
  • humus - 1 part;
  • sand - 2-3 grains;
  • wood ash - 1 glass.

Another way is to mix the following components in equal amounts:

  • sod land;
  • leafy land;
  • sand;
  • humus.

It is recommended to disinfect the soil

For example, soak for several hours in a solution of potassium permanganate, then rinse thoroughly under running water and dry. An alternative way is to hold the soil in the freezer for 5-7 days, then take it out and leave it at room temperature for a day.

Seed preparation

The seeds do not need special preparation. It is enough to put them on a damp cloth or towel on the day of disembarkation (for several hours). If this is not possible, you can simply place them in a glass of warm water. It is advisable to dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate in it in order to carry out additional disinfection.

Important! It is not worth keeping the seeds of osteospermum in water for a long time - excessive moisture can lead to their death: in this case, sprouts will not appear.

Sowing osteospermum for seedlings

Before planting, the soil must be slightly dried and thoroughly loosened - osteospermum prefers a very light, "airy" soil. Then the earth is poured into a container, after which the seeds are buried literally 5 mm and lightly sprinkled on top. If a pick is not planned, you can plant one seed at a time, in other cases - 2-3 pieces per container.

Growing seedlings of osteospermum from seeds

If you follow the conditions for growing osteospermum from seeds, the first shoots (pictured) will appear in a week.

Seedling care is simple - the main thing is to ensure an acceptable temperature, watering and sometimes feed the seedlings


Osteospermum is a thermophilic plant, so its seeds should be planted at 23-25 ​​° C. In the future, it can be slightly reduced, but in any case, the minimum room temperature should be 20 ° C (i.e., the usual room temperature).

To maintain a constant level of moisture and heat, it is necessary to cover the boxes with glass or film, in which several holes must be made beforehand. Periodically, the greenhouse will need to be ventilated - this is especially important in the case of glass.

Advice! Osteospermum seedlings are kept on the windowsill of the lightest window (south or east). It is recommended to supplement it with a phytolamp so that the duration of daylight hours is at least 12 hours.

Watering and feeding

Watering should be regular but moderate. Water is added in thin streams or the soil is sprayed abundantly from a sprayer to evenly distribute moisture. Excess fluid is also harmful, so it is important to maintain a balance, for example, watering not every day, but 3-4 times a week.

You can feed the seedlings once - right after the pick. A complex mineral fertilizer is applied to the soil, due to which the seedlings will begin to grow faster.


As already mentioned, when planting osteospermum seeds for seedlings, you can immediately use individual containers so as not to plant the plants in the future. However, picking is allowed, but you need to act very carefully. The procedure can be started after the appearance of three leaves. When transplanting, it is recommended to deepen the stem a little so that the seedling takes root in a new place.

Important! 2-3 days after transplanting the seeds, the tops of the osteospermum should be pinched a little to stimulate the growth of lateral shoots. Otherwise, the seedlings may stretch in height.


The hardening of osteospermum is carried out in early May, about 10-15 days after transfer to open ground. The temperature can be periodically lowered to 15-18 degrees. To do this, they begin to open the window more often in the room, ventilate it with a draft for several minutes. You can also take containers out onto a balcony or loggia - at first for 10 minutes, then gradually increase to 1 hour.

Another convenient way to avoid picking is to grow osteospermum seeds in peat tablets.

Transfer to the ground

Growing osteospermum flowers from seeds continues until mid-May, after which the plant is transferred to open ground. In Siberia and other regions with an unfavorable climate, this can be done at the end of May, and in the south - at the beginning of the month. Osteospermum is planted in an open, slightly elevated and well-lit place. At the same time, a weak partial shade from higher shrubs and garden trees is allowed.

Planting is done in the traditional way. Drainage is laid in a shallow hole (diameter and depth up to 35-40 cm), then a mixture of humus with garden soil in equal quantities. Plants are planted at intervals of 20-25 cm, sprinkled with soil and watered abundantly. It is recommended to immediately mulch the soil - then it will store moisture much longer. In addition, a layer of mulch (sawdust, hay, peat, straw) will not allow weeds to actively grow.

Bushes are planted at a short distance of 20-25 cm

Possible problems and solutions

It is not difficult to follow the rules for caring for seedlings. But sometimes gardeners get carried away with watering, which makes the soil too wet. If this is overused, the roots will rot and the plants will quickly die.

Therefore, watering can be divided into morning and evening (give a small amount). Moreover, it is better to spray the soil or pour it under the root so that the drops do not fall on the leaves. It is recommended to pre-defend water.

Another problem is that the seedlings of osteospermum begin to stretch. In this case, you need to pinch the top - and the side shoots will confidently begin to grow.

How to collect osteospermum seeds

Collecting the seeds of this plant is beneficial as it allows you to breed a specific variety. In addition, the purchased bags contain only 8-10 grains, while at home you can collect an unlimited amount.

The seeds ripen in capsules, and unlike asters, they are located on the outer (reed) petals, and not on the inner ones, which have a tubular shape. They start harvesting at the end of August or at the beginning of September. The boxes should dry completely, and the seeds themselves should turn brown-green.

After collecting, the seeds are dried and stored in paper or canvas bags made from natural fabric. Other bags can be used, but not plastic bags or containers. For example, it is allowed to put seeds in a candy box and make several holes in it.

The container is placed in a refrigerator and stored throughout the winter at temperatures from 0 to +5 degrees. It is advisable to plant as early as the next season, because after 2 years the germination rate drops dramatically, and after 3 years it is zero.

Advice! It is recommended to put 1 peeled garlic clove in the storage container - it will naturally disinfect the surrounding area.


Growing osteospermum from seeds is not as difficult as it sounds. Despite the fact that African chamomile is thermophilic, loves moisture and light, you can provide such conditions at home. It is important not to give excess water, highlight regularly (especially in the early stages) and not sow seeds too early.

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