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How to treat the area from ticks

Tell me how to treat the area from ticks?


I found such a remedy Medilis-ZIPER - an insecticide and acaricide. 2 * 50 ML. (If you mean encephalitis ticks)

A very topical issue.

And your ways of using such tools

Tsifoks, treat the plot 2 times per season

We have been using medilis cyper for many years. Never found a single tick. During the summer, we process the cottage toilet with it, it kills the larvae of flies. If in the summer walk with this solution on the lawn, spray dark nooks and crannies, it becomes much less.

After treating the lawn, can you walk and lie on it for children and animals?

and this drug is safe for health

And where to buy it?

everything is possible in the instructions after 2 weeks

maybe it’s safer, I did not compare, I wrote what I use