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What plants like highly moist soil

I have a very wet area (lowland, swampiness), grooves in the area. The raised beds are made, I grow currants, raspberries, plums, vegetables. I would like advice on which plants like highly moist soils? Decorative do not advise, there is little space for them. What can be grown?


I am in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Anna, I don’t know who loves in my opinion there are also no grooves and I lift all the beds and plantings on the knolls

I’ll plant a hosted place, maybe some weeds will supplant the host, I will dig the Internet.

Currant, cabbage. I don't know anymore

Every year in our childhood, we drowned a summer house. On the hill, the apple and cherry trees are still normal, the currant in the lowland was bearing fruit like a madman. Month 1, 5 in the water stood without problems. This is black, but not very red. The rest did not survive anything.

We have a plot on the mountain. And also with groundwater. Just under a layer of clay soil more than a meter. This is when I dug a hole I saw. And already thought to dig a well.

Make high beds around the perimeter of the ditch for outflow of water, a wide space between the beds and try a little bit of everything. For good, you need to carry the earth to the site to pour, on the bottom of the beds you can put branches like drainage

Drainage will not help. In the spring everything will flood. Planting all cabbage delirium. Along the perimeter, the aceid 20 down 40 up, behind the aceid drainage ditch 50-70 deep with gravel with geotextile. We raise the imported land by 40-50 cm. Expensive or change the site. I raised 3-4 acres in the lowlands. Plus - all the fat flocked there

I was advised when I planted apples and pears, down the holes (I have very close water and clay all over), put down slate and cotton wool - insulation (I’m from building a house, I can from old quilted jackets). In this case, the roots will not go down into the water, but grow more horizontally. By the way, Rhubarb loves water

I also have a swamp. So the first thing when I come to the site, say hello: hello my swamp-frog princess has arrived. And so I have all the beds raised, and in the furrows a thick layer of sawdust - normal

Blackberry seems to be good for moisture, at least it likes plentiful watering.