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It is possible to grow kiwi from seeds

Friends, my daughter puzzled me last night, when she ate kiwi, come on, she says, we’ll plant him and we will gather at the dacha. Maybe there is someone who knows whether it is worth bothering or not, if the seeds are taken from freshly purchased kiwi fruit?


Plant Actinidia! And with kiwi, I think it makes no sense to bother!

And how do they plant actinidia?

This is a perennial liana, like ordinary bushes or trees, in the spring it is certainly better, but it is possible in the fall

So what do you plant? seeds or cuttings?

Cuttings are better, but seeds cannot be found (I tried) only then from my bush!

Yeah, now we’ll think about where to get them. Here the daughter threw an idea!

You have at least a daughter, and I’m making up my own adventures! Here I found where to buy, it remains to wait for May! And figure out where to plant them (2 copies need to be planted in the same place)

Yes, I know that, in my opinion, they need penumbra

Actinidia is now sold in pots in many nurseries. I already have 2 pots standing on a cold window - it is letting out leaflets. She is just photophilous. But they write that it’s still better to have the sun for half a day - like planting it in the east or in the west. And not strictly south. According to the nursery workers. I bought supposedly self-fertile, but here something is still tormenting me with doubts. I'm afraid that a male to his two goods will still have to buy

No, she needs light! And then such beauty will not work! Her leaves are decorative

There is still a big one but it is without leaves after winter. Grown from seeds from purchased kiwi

Wow, what a handsome man!


You are well done!

Do you have actinidia or kiwi?

Where did the leaves go?

Is it a kiwi?

Kiwi from seeds can bear fruit in seven years! And not the fact that there can be a girl and a boy from the seeds. You can distinguish when they bloom! Buy seedlings.

Threw off for the winter have not yet begun to grow

Yes it is kiwi

Actinidia is a liana. It should be planted next to the support (usually near the fence or next to the wall). For 3 female plants, one male is required! Otherwise, you will not have berries. In nurseries, the choice is great. As a rule, they plant an actinidia of colomict (this is a species, it has many varieties). Loves the sun and good watering.

Thank you all for your advice! I will look for

Darwin usually has a good choice. From APRIL 15, they open summer areas. For what I love this store - they have their own nursery. Everything that I bought is taking root well.

We do not have that

Elena, I planted an actinidia 3 gardeners and one boy, waited for berries for several years, cut down everything, I need to buy it so that the branches have both sexes, the draft will not tolerate it, it’s good for the shed to be warm, good luck.

The main actimidia is to buy self-pollinating

Elena, they are in Ob there is a price from 500 to 700 for a seedling

I haven’t seen something self-pollinating, and everywhere they say about male and female creepers

Actinidia begins to bear fruit at 4-5 years. A friend planted a few years ago, and only saw the berries last summer. Maybe you slipped one floor? They differ in leaves. Boys (if not mistaken) have a more carved sheet.

But there is no self-pollinating actinidia. This is a DOUBLE plant. T. E. On one plant, either female or male flowers.

And their flowers are different. Only while you wait for the blossoms: (although in the fall they are beautiful, bright! Do not eat berries, so enjoy the beauty 🙂

I looked in the Ob and the woman told me to decide to take it, read on the packaging so that it would be self-pollinating. There were 2 species. If manufacturers do not lie

I have been sitting actinidia for 6 years, but the boy was definitely there, they probably don’t like me.

. They lie! Literacy consultant is difficult to find there. In general, in the Ob oblastki, I stopped buying long ago. In Ob, a neighbor bought blackcurrant. In the box. And aronia grew. Now I’m either buying in nurseries or ordering from an aunt from Timiryazevka.

I planted last year. I ordered from trusted people. They do it themselves. We will see what happens. At a friend, everything grows and bears fruit from these sellers

OBI is sold if you are from Moscow time.

And today I soaked the seeds, it’s better if I ate kiwi 🙂

Thanks! But the closest OBI from me for 450 km 🙂 we have many nurseries, I just want to buy and plant, so that I would not keep in the apartment!

Well then yes, far away 🙂

On March 18, I ate kiwi, and washed the seeds, dried them and sowed them in pots. Yesterday I noticed small “plants,” you need to immediately remove the more delicate ones, because K. Root in kiwi is very powerful. Leave only strong plants, in the video that prompted me to plant, it was said that the kiwi fruits begin to bear fruit for 4 years. It’s not so much “the fish is important to me as the process itself!” ”🙂

Probably the landing process itself is also important to me, but you can buy a kiwi in the store, if you want to