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Are there pear trees with spikes

Hello! Tell me, is there a pear variety with spikes (tree)? It grows for about 8 years and has never bloomed. Doubts crept in is it a pear?


This is not a pear, apparently it was grafted in you, but did not survive, but the fact that you have it has grown from the native root

It turns out “wild” / the vaccine did not survive, but the stock went from the root to the growth

A little point would be. So hard to say. But pears are generally very moody, especially if a good variety.

no, your pear has not survived, but you can plant a varietal pear on this thorn.

With spikes, hawthorn?

no, like, not a shoot, the trunk grows from the root, 2.5 meters like ...

I can’t photo yet) it’s problematic in the country, and it hasn’t bloomed yet) in Ufa the snow has not partially melted)

and how to do it?

You can plant several varieties, and pears, and apples. You look look at the “pear graft”. There is a lot of information in the internet. With pictures and an accurate description.


And I grow a pear with spikes. Meter 3 tall, lush. True fruits were only 9 and those rare sour. This year, apparently under a cut.