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Is it possible to transport seedlings now in an unheated room

Good day. I want to transfer the seedlings to the cottage in the suburbs. Put on the summer kitchen, it is not heated. Seedlings of tomato, pepper, eggplant. Seedlings are small, pepper has three real leaves. Eggplant and tomatoes are also small. Do not freeze? Help advice.


Marina, how are you going to water?

What is your temperature? I think she will be cold.

Watering at the weekend. It turns out after 5 days is it impossible? I grow seedlings for the first year. I'm a beginner gardener

Julia in some video said that the seedlings are carried out into the greenhouse. My kitchen will be warmer. Or still put in a house that is heated

Yes, too early in an unheated house.

Better put in a house in a heated.

It may not freeze, but in growth it is inhibited for sure. Especially pepper and eggplant. Too small.

It will not freeze, but it must be watered.

I have seedlings in the unheated part of the house, tvm temperature +15 tat are tomatoes and strawberries with onions, and pepper and eggplant in the heated part

In an unheated room it is still early, because at night there are minus temperatures.

I also decided to experiment and brought out seedlings of early cabbage, cauliflower, some tomatoes that were stretched out and one snail of eggplant in an unheated house, but hung a film on the window on the south side and on the cornice like in a greenhouse. I'll see what happens.