Top dressing Health for tomatoes

Top dressing Health for tomatoes

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Vegetable growers, growing tomatoes on their plots, use various fertilizers. The main thing for them is to obtain a rich harvest of organic products. Today you can buy any mineral and organic fertilizers. Often, gardeners prefer to use the safest options.

For several years, the Zdraven fertilizer for tomatoes has become popular; in the reviews, gardeners mainly indicate a positive result. Consider what feeding is, how to use it correctly.

Fertilizer composition

Fertilizer Zdraven Turbo is produced in Russia for many garden and horticultural crops, including tomatoes. It balances all the trace elements necessary for healthy growth and abundant fruiting.

Fertilizer Zdraven consists of:

  1. Nitrogen -15%. This element is considered the most important. It is necessary for photosynthesis, it is a building material for tomato tissues.
  2. Phosphorus - 20%. This element synthesizes protein, starch, sucrose, fats. Responsible for the growth of the plant, helps to preserve the varietal properties of tomatoes. With a lack of phosphorus, plants lag behind in development, bloom late.
  3. Potassium - 15%. Participates in metabolic processes, creates preconditions for active growth, is responsible for the stability of tomatoes in adverse conditions.
  4. Magnesium and sodium humate 2% each.
  5. A large amount of trace elements such as boron, manganese, copper, molybdenum. All of them are in the form of chelates, so they are easily absorbed by the plant.

Important! Domestic complex fertilizer Zdraven does not contain chlorine.

Fertilizer packaging is different, there are bags of 15 or 30 grams or 150 grams. Long shelf life up to three years. Store the drug in a dry, dark place. If not all fertilizer has been used, it must be poured into a jar with a well-screwed cap.


Thanks to the biologically active feeding Zdraven, produced at Russian enterprises, tomatoes more calmly endure stressful situations, sudden changes in temperature. This is very important, since most of the gardeners live in the zone of risky farming.

Why vegetable growers trust Zdraven 'fertilizer:

  1. Tomatoes develop a powerful root system.
  2. The number of barren flowers decreases, the yield increases.
  3. The fruits ripen a week earlier.
  4. Powdery mildew, scab, root rot, late blight is practically not observed on tomatoes that were fed starting from seedlings.
  5. Tomatoes become sweeter, tastier, they contain more vitamins.

Balanced chemical composition of top dressing Zdraven saves time on preparation of solutions by mixing several simple fertilizers.

How to apply

Fertilizer Zdraven for tomatoes and peppers, is used for root and foliar feeding. The powder dissolves well in water, does not form a sediment, so the plant from the first minute begins to absorb it by the root system or leaf blades.

Important! To dilute the solution for feeding tomatoes, you need to use only warm water from 30 to 50 degrees.

You can work with Zdraven fertilizer after the solution reaches room temperature.

Top dressing scheme

  1. Root feeding of tomatoes begins at the seedling stage. When the tomatoes are 2 weeks old, dissolve 15 grams of the substance in a 10-liter bucket. This solution is enough for 1.5 square meters.
  2. The second time is already in a constant place, when the first buds appear. The consumption rate is the same.
  3. After that, they are fed after 3 weeks. If tomatoes grow in open ground, then 15 grams of the drug is added to the watering can - this is the norm for one square of plantings. For a greenhouse, the concentration of the solution doubles. Some gardeners, when root feeding tomatoes with Zdraven Turbo, add urea carbamide.
  4. For foliar dressing, which is carried out twice after planting seedlings in the ground, only 10 grams are needed per 10 liters of water.

Attention! You need to know that one teaspoon fits about 8 grams, in a matchbox - about 19 grams of Zdraven 'fertilizer for tomatoes.

Root or foliar feeding of tomatoes is carried out either early in the morning before sunrise, or in the evening.

Don't forget about safety

Zdraven Turbo top dressing for tomatoes and peppers has been assigned a III hazard class, that is, they do not harm humans and animals. But you still need to choose a safe place for storage.

Gloves must be worn while preparing the solution and feeding. Upon completion of the work, hygiene procedures are required.

Feeding Tips:

Reviews of gardeners

Marianna, 39 years old, Lipetsk

I grow various garden crops, including different varieties of tomatoes. Several years ago there were problems with the seedlings: even before they were planted in the greenhouse, the shoots were flimsy. Friends advised me to buy Zdraven Turbo fertilizer. For three years now, the seedlings are happy. I water it twice on the windowsill, and then in the greenhouse. Follow the instructions on the package. No problem now.

Victoria, 45 years old, Buzuluk

I, too, rarely grew strong seedlings. Last year in the store I got into a conversation with the seller, she advised me to buy Zdraven fertilizer for tomatoes. I came home, spread, as stated in the recommendations and fed the seedlings. The result appeared after a few days: my tomatoes turned green, the stems began to thicken. Now I will always have fertilizer in stock, especially since the shelf life is long.

Andrey, 41 years old, Chita

I have been using the Russian fertilizer Zdraven for more than one year. The good news is that it fully matches the description. My tomatoes are like soldiers, strong, green. It should be noted that since I started feeding the tomatoes with this fertilizer, I forgot about late blight. All fruits are tasty, sugary.

Maxim, 54 years old, Krasnoyarsk Territory

As an experienced vegetable grower, I would like to tell newcomers that the use of Zdraven fertilizer is the right choice. Last year it turned out that I was absent for several days. When I saw drooping seedlings, I thought I had lost them. But he remembered the universal feeding Zdraven, planted and watered the seedlings of tomatoes and peppers. After three days, she fully recovered. Fertilizer is cheap, the amount of fertilizing solution is quite large. I prefer to water the tomatoes at the root. Although my neighbors use Zdraven Turbo for sprinkling tomatoes. I recommend, believe me, tomatoes grow healthy, do not get sick, the harvest is excellent.

Irina, 28 years old, Belgorod

Zdraven bought fertilizer by accident, just an elderly uncle bought it in front of me and praised it very much. I looked at the price and almost laughed: it was very cheap. But the gardener persuaded to buy. Immediately I decided to try tomatoes on seedlings, then watered them in the ground. You know, this was the first year when not a single leaf on my tomatoes was damaged by late blight. I watered with top dressing at the root and sprayed. How grateful I am to the persistent gardener. Let him have the most productive beds.

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