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What to do if a tomato is fattening

Tomato eats annually in the open ground. Soil like that. Even undersized grow by 1.2 - 1.5 meters. What to do?


A lot of nitrogen in the earth. Maybe the manure was made fresh. Or mineral water

Fattening bushes are usually powerful. The leaf is dark green. From the top they begin to twist. It is treated only. Two ways. Well, at least I only know about them. Reduce watering. And add phosphoric and potash.

I suggest exchanging your greasy land for our gray earth 🙂 50x50! we also want fattening tomatoes, our dohliks are barely alive

Just the ones you described. Thanks for the advice.

No problem.

We also have a very ugly land, apple didn’t say that it is very very good.

But onions are always small.

Tell me, please, how can we determine what kind of land we have? We just bought in June. I planted parsley, dill, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and petunia. Everything grew very well, surprisingly, did not fertilize anything.

Only tomatoes ruined late blight, all in og

Usually everything grows on fertile soil. Chernozem. The earth is loose. Or it happens. The plot was processed. Then abandoned. Grass grew on it. Year. Two. If you mow the grass and smell the garden. The first year you can get a good result. But the next will bring disappointment. Because we are used to stuffing the soil with mineral water. The earth is being compacted. No air droplets in the soil. It all depends on the climate.

In the exhaust gas, tomatoes must either be removed earlier or covered with covering material, these are dews, and sudden changes in night and day temperatures. Plant the most early ripening varieties.

Svetlana, try liming the soil under the bow. All signs of potassium starvation. Onions do not like oily soil. But on the contrary, garlic

And onions love more sandy soils.

I forgot to write how to determine. Take the soil in your hand. Fist. If you have a bold fingerprint on your hand. I congratulate you. You have black earth. 🙂

And if you do not stuff with mineral water? Our site was abandoned, it was not cultivated for about 10 years and was overgrown with trees, grass and strawberries. We all uprooted it with a tractor and planted mustard in the fall. It was a very beautiful green field. I do not want to use chemistry on the site. Maybe you can do with herbs - manure?

During the winter, I accumulated a lot of eggshells, grind in a coffee grinder

Thank you, in the spring I want to put a greenhouse and hotbeds for peppers and so on. And what early varieties are good?

Manure is not advised. I need humus. Or make beds. Mulch after germination. In the fall, prepare the beds. Sow siderata on them. In the spring there will be a fertile layer on the beds.

Manure will bring weed seeds to your land. And sores. Now if the rabbit. Throw in the beds in the winter. Perfect fertilizer.

It doesn’t look like chernozem, it's black, but the photo is not clear? In my opinion a mixture of clay and good earth.

Everything is so overgrown there, if there was a bad land then everything would not grow so

I wrote above. What if the land is not cultivated a couple of years. And you already have 10. Nature itself has built up a layer of fertile soil. Now do not ruin :-).

Everybody had phytophthora that year, ran every week sprayed with phytosporin. She took off large tomatoes into the house and took them away, and saved the rest if possible. There was no late blight in the greenhouse

Ok thanks for the tip

Yes, Natasha can’t do without a greenhouse. I think that's where to buy it. And if the sense of topical bio or just advertising. 3 × 8 they get 37tr?

You seem to have good land 🙂 it’s not ours that is not clear. We only need to make beds high and to import the soil with Kamaz. Here we dug a well. Fertile land 15cm. The rest is sand and clay. It is clearly visible on the formation. When we dug up the walk-behind tractor, we got a white field. Laughed, we are now on about. Bali Dig up the pool

I do not have a photo, we also dug a hole for the toilet, and there was sand below

There is always sand. The main thing is how many cm is the brown layer. A minimum bayonet shovel is needed. And the color to brown. And we all that brown is a many-year-old decayed sod on the virgin soil (before there was a forest instead of a plot, we got a forest glade without trees, though with a couple of stumps from very long cut down pine trees, stumps with roots were already decayed.

We generally had overgrown, all in the trees, the forest was simple. And the strawberry clearing. Maybe the forest land is good. Have you planted anything yet?

Victoria, about 10 years old, kept rabbits and used. Since they fed with herbs, then herbs appeared, it was difficult to weed.

Well, you are in vain. Rabbits do not have seeds in manure. This has already been proven. There are others. Goat is also full of seeds. Where have I been fertilizing rabbit manure since winter. No grass. I fertilize in the fall. He goes with hay. Hay is saturated with their vital functions. Grass in the beds does not grow. How did bindweed grow. This is nothing. The earth is loose. Only winter is introduced into the beds. Or stayed at least a year. In humus overreacts to the third. And what kind of infusion is obtained with nettles. Life-giving mash. Everything is based on personal experience.

It does not need to be scented. They mulch well in the winter. And the grass. I before you take advantage. I re-read a lot of everything. And on the forum of rabbit breeders I found the info I needed. If you scattered the dung smell. So what have you achieved. Forbs. Manure did not work on the ground. You just smelled it. I hold a lot of rabbits. There was nowhere to put the manure. So I had to learn from people with experience 🙂

Abroad rabbit dung is considered gold. And we will bring in any manure for digging. Moreover, fresh. Then oh, my grass is rushing. Oh, I’m all sick.

It was funny to read what you wrote. Fresh grass was fed to rabbits every year. In the hay in winter. We are a rural people, we have grass all year round went to them (rabbits) for food. And the manure was not scattered around the garden, the rabbits were not a herd of cows, but only 5 pieces of rabbits and 1 rabbit. Manure was taken from different heaps. And there are seeds in the aged

Forest land is good in that grass grows on it, dying every year and giving humus, sierozem (this white sand) I can’t say that it is fertile, pine trees usually grow in it, and they acidify the soil. I think it is acidified (I bought testers, I will try to do experiments) Potato has grown well on the virgin soil (they collected 15 from 1 bucket), but the beets all turned red and did not give a thing, marigolds were already maroon. Carrots were not bad, tomatoes and peppers were normal, all greens were the same. There are no trees, strawberries, planted in the spring, gave the usual berries in the summer (they gave some antennae). All the same, not black soil. We would dilute them with our beach Bali and apparently liming.

Where can I buy a tester? I would also be interested in checking the soil. Well, then everything is very good with you, if greens, potatoes, and tomatoes with peppers are normal. And can beets have bad seeds?

You are laughing in vain. Although laughter prolongs life. I cover the beds with this hay. Fresh where there is grass I put in compost. I spill it and do not touch it for two years. In autumn, the beds were covered with a thick layer. When the snow came and it was warm, went to the site. There was practically nothing left of hay. Earthworms all dragged. The earth is loose. Under the mulch, this one did not even freeze. Who cares. You can argue for a long time. Read about fertilizer on the rabbit breeders forum. I learned everything there. Century live. Learn a century. The neighbors chuckled at me too. First year. Now they ask about everything. There were a lot of mistakes. But even on loam with this manure. When correctly applied. The soil is filled with humus.

Seeds are fine. Planted 2 grades, one story. Redness of the leaves is the result of increased acidity in beets. She was like her roots! Beets do not like acidity. I bought in the KZ (collect. Purchases of Altayseman). Go to the website of Altaysemmen, they have an online store.

Well thank you

I do not argue, I write what was. We really liked rabbit dung.

I also did not know how to use it correctly. When they started to breed rabbits. I haven’t used it anywhere. I heard it. That everything is burning. That he as a fertilizer does not suit. Then I accidentally read it. And she began to look for information. There are nuances. What winter can be applied immediately to the beds. In the autumn, lay beds in the garden. Like a blanket. Fresh is good under the berry.