Planting and caring for roses in the Moscow region in spring

The rose is one of the most gorgeous, enchanting garden flowers. It has a pleasant aroma and high decorative effect. Not all gardeners dare to grow this wonderful shrub, considering it capricious and very demanding on climatic conditions. But the experience of experienced florists shows that roses can be grown in the Moscow region, and even to the north. And timely feeding solves the problem with depleted soils. Planting roses in the spring in the Moscow region, as well as subsequent care for them, are not particularly difficult if you follow the rules of agricultural technology.

When is it better to plant roses in the spring in the suburbs

Planting shrubs in the Moscow region has its own specifics. Due to early autumn frosts, experienced gardeners prefer to plant seedlings in open ground in the spring. This reduces the risk of freezing of bushes, which manage to get stronger over the summer and give good root shoots. Roses are planted only when the soil warms up to + 10 + 12 degrees. The best time in the Moscow region is April. At the same time, it is not worth delaying. It is necessary to catch the moment when the soil has warmed up enough, but the moisture has not left it yet.

Important! Planting at the end of May and in summer is fraught with a large percentage of dead seedlings and slowed development of bushes, since in the summer heat they need more strength to root.

Features of planting different types of roses

Successful planting and growing of roses in the Moscow region in spring is possible. But it is necessary to take into account the features of the selected variety.

Climbing roses

Climbing varieties require supports. Wooden and metal pergolas, trellises and cones, wall structures and pillars of gazebos are perfect. In addition, when landing in the Moscow region in the spring, the recommended parameters should be observed:

  • the distance from the bush to the support should be 30 cm;
  • a distance of 1-1.5 m should be kept between plants;
  • when planting, the inoculation is deepened by 8-10 cm.

You should not prune climbing varieties when planting. It is enough to slightly refresh the sections. As it grows, it is necessary to direct the shoots to a support.

One of the most spectacular options for growing climbing roses in the suburbs - in the form of an arch


Planting and growing English roses in the Moscow region in the spring requires a special approach:

  • a distance of 1.2-2 m should be left between individual specimens, since the bushes of this type are powerful, branched;
  • when planting in spring, the shoots should be shortened to 5-7 buds;
  • the vaccination site must be buried 5 cm underground.

Advice! To protect the seedlings from a possible cold snap in the spring in the Moscow region, you can cover them with cardboard boxes with flaps, glass jars or covering material.

English roses are a relatively new species in the Moscow region, which is gaining popularity, displacing traditional species


Planting park roses in the Moscow region in spring requires compliance with the following conditions:

  • before planting, it is necessary to inspect and slightly trim the root system, removing broken and rotten processes;
  • it is required to shorten the shoots, leaving 5-7 living buds on each;
  • deepen the vaccination site (thickening) by 5 cm.

Important! The distance between individual copies of park roses is calculated individually. This indicator depends on the height of the bush declared in the description of the type, should be half the growth of an adult plant.

Park roses are distinguished by friendly flowering and spherical bush shape


To grow hybrid tea roses in the Moscow region, you must follow the planting rules:

  • planted in open ground should be in the spring, when the soil warms up enough;
  • before planting, seedlings should be cut, leaving no more than 2-3 live buds on each stem;
  • the vaccination site should be 3-5 cm deep.

It is necessary to maintain a distance of 0.5 m between the plants.If it is planned to plant in rows, then the distance will be 0.4-0.6 m, and the row spacing - 0.8-1 m.

Hybrid tea roses are a classic unpretentious look, suitable for the Moscow region, with large, great-looking flowers


This variety of roses has a long, friendly flowering. When planting in the spring in the suburbs, its features should be taken into account:

  • the optimal grafting depth is 5-8 cm;
  • preliminary pruning of shoots is required when planting, up to 3-4 live buds;
  • there must be a distance of at least 0.5 m between individual copies.

In the case of planting in rows, trenches or holes are dug at a distance of 0.4-0.6 meters, leaving a row spacing of 0.7-1 m.

Floribunda is distinguished by small, lush buds, collected in a brush, and a light, pleasant aroma.


When planting ground cover roses in spring, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • the vaccination site must be deepened by at least 5 cm;
  • the distance between the holes should be from 0.5 to 2 m, depending on the variety of roses and their characteristics, in particular, the declared width of the bush - the more spreading it is, the more area it requires for normal growth.

Attention! It is forbidden to carry out pre-planting pruning of ground cover varieties of roses. Only sanitary removal of damaged shoots and renewal of sections is allowed.

Ground cover roses grow in breadth and quickly take up large spaces, delighting with abundant flowering and wonderful aromas

Planting and caring for roses in the spring in the suburbs

Compliance with the recommended agrotechnical rules when planting roses in spring in the Moscow region guarantees the health and friendly growth of seedlings. And next year, the bushes will delight with abundant flowering.

Important! It is necessary to purchase seedlings only from proven nurseries or from reliable distributors. Such plants undergo all the necessary treatments from fungi and pests, exactly correspond to the declared variety.

Site and soil requirements

Roses are demanding on lighting. In addition, they do not tolerate the proximity of subsoil waters, stagnation of rain and irrigation moisture. That is why it is necessary to choose high places for planting in spring, protected from the wind, on the south or southeast side.

Light, well-drained soils with a slightly acidic reaction, pH 5.5-6.5, are suitable for the growth of shrubs. Too heavy soil saturated with moisture provokes root rot and the development of fungi. The potting soil for roses must be nutritious, as these plants are very sensitive to mineral deficiencies. It is necessary to add humus, compost, sod and leafy soil in equal parts to the planting pit. If the soil is sandy, then you can add 2 parts of clay. In heavy loams, it is required to add 6 parts of pure river sand.

Do not plant roses in clay and sandy soils. In the first case, the bushes may get wet, in the second they lack nutrients. Planting holes on such soils are recommended to be filled with fertile soil mixture.

Preparing roses for planting

For planting in the Moscow region in the spring, specimens are chosen in which the buds have not yet begun to swell. Purchased seedlings with an open root system must be prepared:

  • carefully inspect, cut off broken and rotten roots, shorten a little so that the root system branches;
  • shoots, depending on the variety, are either shortened or slightly updated cuts;
  • then the roots should be immersed in the biostimulant solution for 20-30 minutes;
  • dip the root system in a clay mash with 5 tablets of phosphorobacterin dissolved in it.

The bushes are ready for planting. For seedlings of roses with ZKS, the earthy clod is not disturbed, only the shoots are pruned as needed.

How to plant roses correctly (step by step instructions)

When planting roses in the spring in the Moscow region, you must follow the algorithm:

  • in advance, preferably 3-4 weeks in advance, prepare planting holes with a depth of 70 cm (or 15-25 cm deeper than the tips of the roots), 40-60 cm wide;
  • lay a drainage layer of 10-15 cm on the bottom - gravel, pebbles, brick breakage, coarse sand;
  • pour the soil mixture with a mound, adding a complex mineral fertilizer for roses or universal for decorative flowers;
  • sprinkle with a layer of earth, leave until planting;
  • put the prepared seedlings into the pit, spreading the roots along the mound, observing the level of the grafting depth - depending on the variety, it should be 3-8 cm below the ground level;
  • gently cover the roots with soil, slightly compacting;
  • spill the trunk circle with a biostimulant solution (10 l) or water at room temperature, mulch.

Important! Do not leave the graft on the soil surface! If it is damaged by frost or sunlight, shoots of the plant that was inoculated, as a rule, a wild rose, will begin to appear.

Follow-up care

Immediately after planting roses in the spring in the suburbs, it is necessary to protect delicate sprouts from direct sunlight for 10-15 days. Watering should be done daily, in the morning or in the evening, in small amounts and only with water heated in the sun or in the house. Avoid getting water on the shoots.

After watering, the soil must be loosened, without going deeper, so as not to damage the roots, add mulch. The first feed is needed in the spring, already 20 days after planting. You can feed it with purchased fertilizers, or natural fertilizers, spreading chicken droppings or manure, making infusions of nettle and other herbs. During the season, roses are fed three more times: in spring, in May, after flowering and in September.

Important! In the first season, roses are not allowed to bloom by breaking off the buds. All the strength of the plant should go to the development of the bush, and flowering significantly weakens it.

In autumn in the Moscow region, rose bushes must be cut to a height of 20-30 cm and covered with a layer of sawdust, chopped straw

Experienced florist recommendations

In order for the roses planted in the spring in the Moscow region to take root and delight the owners with their magnificent flowers, you should heed the advice of experienced specialists:

  • before fertilizing, rose bushes must be shed well to avoid root burns;
  • roses perfectly perceive foliar dressing using a sprayer or watering cans, for this you can dilute a complex potash fertilizer;
  • during the flowering period, for greater splendor and brightness of the buds, the bushes are treated with an emulsion of castor oil;
  • a good effect is given by spraying with an infusion of wood ash, pour a glass of the substance with a liter of boiling water, stand for an hour, strain, dilute in 5 liters of water;
  • for natural dressings, you can insist chamomile, dandelion, celandine, burdock and other plants.

Important! All foliar dressing is carried out only in the evening, with a fresh solution and in warm dry weather.

During flowering, all fertilizing must be stopped, as they accelerate the fruiting process, and the buds quickly fly around


Planting roses in the spring in the Moscow region is a responsible process, on which the growth and health of future bushes depends. If you take it seriously and follow the recommendations of experts, then success is guaranteed. It is necessary to take into account which variety is planned to be planted, carefully choose the most suitable place for planting in the spring. Roses will respond to their care with friendly growth and lush flowering in the next season.

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