Peony Miss America: photo and description, reviews

Peony Miss America: photo and description, reviews

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The Miss America peony has been pleasing flower growers since 1936. It has repeatedly received awards from various floricultural societies. The culture is frost-resistant, unpretentious, pleases with long and luxurious flowering.

Miss America's airy flowers are located on strong shoots that do not lean towards the soil

Description of the Miss America peony variety

The herbaceous milk-flowered peony of the Miss America variety has a compact shrub with a semicircular crown, which is formed by erect, strong shoots. The diameter and height of the bush is 60-90 cm. A strong root system feeds strong shoots that branch poorly. In the lower part, the stems covered with leaves, a powerful peduncle rises upward. The dark green leaf blades are trifoliate, shiny above. Thanks to the leaves, the Miss America peony bush retains its decorative effect until the end of the warm season.

The variety is sun-loving, shows all its attractiveness only in an open area, in the presence of a sufficient amount of humus it develops quickly. Miss America is recommended for growing in all regions of the middle lane. The plants are frost-resistant, the rhizomes under a layer of mulch can withstand low temperatures down to -40 ° C.

Important! The Miss America peony bush does not require tying, the sturdy stems do not linger under the weight of the flowers.

Flowering features

Gardeners appreciate the Miss America semi-double peony. The large-flowered herbaceous variety is characterized by lush and long flowering. Wide snow-white petals and yellow-golden stamens, which enliven the middle of the flower, add color to the peony. Wide folded petals are arranged in two to four rows. In a mid-early peony, buds bloom in late May or early June. Flowering time depends on the geographical location of the site and weather conditions.

Each Miss America flower does not crumble for a long time, up to 7-10 days. The combination of bright white and yellow shades gives the peony variety airiness and elegance. The diameter of large flowers of an adult Miss America bush reaches 20-25 cm. During flowering, a light aroma is felt. Each peduncle carries at least three buds. Large flowers are formed on the bushes:

  • growing on a fertile substrate;
  • receiving a sufficient amount of moisture and dressing;
  • correctly formed.

Peony buds are normalized at the beginning of development. 1-2 buds are left on the peduncle.

Attention! If the flowering intensity of the peony decreases, the plant needs rejuvenation and transplantation.

Application in design

The Miss America peony is an ideal element of many bouquet arrangements or a garden component. The bush is planted as a soloist in a flower bed or on a lawn, as well as in compositions with other peonies or flower shrubs. Snow-white inflorescences look solemn against the background of coniferous crops. Great partners for Miss America are bright red peonies or varieties with wine-colored petals. If several peony plants are planted, they are placed in a checkerboard pattern.

To accompany Miss America, various low-growing flowers are selected, for example, primroses, heucheras, violets. Carnations, irises, bells, lilies are planted nearby. The main rule in combinations of plants with peonies is that near a luxurious bush, the soil for one and a half to two sizes of the trunk circle should be available for loosening and weeding. In such conditions, nothing prevents the rhizomes from developing.

Florists do not confirm the negative impact on roses attributed to the peony. If the bushes are too close, less than 1 m, both plants will suffer from a lack of ventilation.

After blooming, the petals of pale pink buds acquire dazzling whiteness

A medium-sized herbaceous peony can be grown in 20-liter pots on terraces. Specially bred low varieties of a lush flower are planted on balconies and loggias. Culture doesn't like transplants. It is recommended to place the rhizome immediately in a large container. Kadochny culture is given special attention:

  • regular watering;
  • feeding every 14-17 days;
  • removal of excess shoots in the spring - no more than 5-7 shoots are left;
  • careful wrapping of containers for the winter.

Reproduction methods

The Miss America herbaceous peony is propagated most often by dividing the rhizome. This is the most effective way to get a new, healthy and robust plant. Experienced gardeners also root cuttings cut from stems in summer, or propagated by cuttings from spring cuttings. The method of dropping layers from the formed stems is also used.

The easiest way is to divide the mother bush of adult peonies in the fall, at least 5-6 years old. Such seedlings take root well and begin to bloom profusely already in the second or third year.

Flower buds form on the rhizome in early August. At the end of September, white thick roots are completely created, in which plants store nutrients. In the interval between these processes, which are important for the peony, it is easiest to divide the rhizomes and select new planting material.

Advice! It is not recommended to separate peonies in spring: the plant begins to develop green mass to the detriment of the root system.

Landing rules

Miss America peonies are best replanted in late summer or early fall. Only as a last resort, peonies are moved at the very beginning of spring. In the middle lane, delenki are planted from the second decade of August to half of September, planting in the southern regions continues until the end of the month. An important requirement for the timing of planting is that the plant has time to take root before the soil freezes.

When choosing a site for peonies, follow these requirements:

  • he is brightly lit by the sun;
  • located 1 m from buildings, since constant ventilation is necessary to prevent diseases;
  • soil with neutral soil - pH 6-6.5.

The culture develops well on loams.

To plant a Miss America peony, holes are dug 50-60 cm deep and the same diameter. Drainage is placed downwards with a layer of 5-7 cm. The planting substrate consists of garden soil, humus or compost, a glass of wood ash. The substrate is poured into the pit, the rhizome is placed, the soil is slightly compacted, sprinkled with the remaining soil and watered. It takes a peony 2 years to develop, then a period of lush flowering of the bush begins. In one place, the peony blooms violently for up to 20 years.

Follow-up care

The large-flowered Miss America peony requires frequent watering, at least 1-2 per week. In the south, the frequency of watering along with evening sprinkling may increase, especially during drought periods. Watering does not stop in August and September, since moisture in the ground is necessary for the constant development of the rhizome. The area where peonies grow must be kept in order, weeds are regularly removed and the soil is kept loose.

The Miss America variety is fed at least 3 times:

  • in early spring;
  • in the phase of growth and creation of buds;
  • in the fall.

In the spring-summer period, nitrogen and potash fertilizers are used, and in the fall, potassium-phosphorus fertilizers, necessary for the setting of flower buds and winter hardiness.

When choosing a seedling, the rhizome is examined, it should be intact, with several buds

Preparing for winter

Faded buds are cut off so that the plant does not waste energy to form seeds. But the shoots are left to grow with the leaves until late autumn in order to ensure the normal process of photosynthesis and the development of replacement buds.

In late autumn, before frost, the stems of peonies are cut above ground level. Wood ash and bone meal are added to the trunk circle, covered with loose garden soil or mixed with compost on top. You should not cover peonies with improvised materials. This can only be taken care of in regions with harsh climates, especially for young seedlings. Adult bushes only spud soil and put compost or peat on top.

Pests and diseases

Preventing the spread of fungal infections, gray rot and rust, in the fall, old leaves, along with the stems, are removed from the site. In the spring, the bush is treated with a new generation of fungicides. The trunk circle during the growing season is kept well-groomed, weeds are removed. For a densely leafy bush, good ventilation is important, sufficient distance from other crops.

The flowers are bored by garden ants and bronze beetles, which, sucking the juice from the buds, spoil the appearance of the petals. The beetles are collected mainly by hand, and ants are fought with the help of targeted preparations, since they can also carry diseases.


The Miss America peony is one of the most spectacular varieties. Competent placement in the flowerbed, timely prevention and compliance with other agricultural technology requirements will allow you to enjoy long flowering and a pleasant aroma in the garden.

Miss America peony reviews

Lyudmila Korolkova, 56 years old, Rostov-on-Don

Miss America is my favorite in the garden. In the south, peonies with delicate airy flowers are placed so that the scorching afternoon sun is hidden behind an openwork penumbra. Regular, frequent watering is also required, after which I slightly loosen the soil.

Elizaveta Timokhina, 35 y.o., Biryuch

Miss America has been growing in our flower bed for six years. Now it is at the peak of development. The bush is voluminous, the stems do not fall apart. For the beauty of full inflorescences, I always remove the smaller buds. I feed with complex preparations for flowers, in the spring - with ammonium nitrate.

Polina Kryuchkova, 41, Tula region

The variety is admirable: no garter required, winter hardy. Flowering depends on good care of young seedlings. With sufficient watering, the plant develops in the first summer. Hilling rhizomes and easy cover, spring feeding will support the bush.

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