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Many gardeners know dahlias only as a tall plant for decorating distant areas of the site. But among these flowers there are also completely different, undersized, curb, intended for decorating the front lines of flower beds, growing in flowerpots. Dahlia Galleri is one of them, a whole collection of interesting and vivid compositions created in the Netherlands.

Description of the Galleri collection

The collection of low-growing dahlias Gelleri is represented by compact bushes up to 40 centimeters high with large bright inflorescences up to 15 centimeters in diameter. Lush blooms, luscious greenery and easy maintenance are all that the average gardener needs today. In total, the collection includes seventeen varieties of various colors and petal shapes.

The photo above shows the variety Galleri Art Deco. Its inflorescence is large, has a brick-peach color. Looks great in flowerpots. Later we will talk about growing this plant, but there is nothing complicated about it.

Another of the brightest representatives of the collection is the Gallery Cobra dahlia. They also love to grow it in flowerpots. The height of the shrub itself reaches 45 cm, the inflorescence is large (up to 13 centimeters) with two-color petals: the lower part is red, the upper part is peach. Due to this, the plant looks gorgeous during the flowering period.

Dahlia Galleri Leonardo is a graceful flower with tongue-shaped petals curled downwards. The colors are very interesting, suitable for compositions of delicate colors with bright green edging. Nearby you can plant hostu, ferns and conifers. Below we present a table describing all the main parameters of the brightest varietal representatives.

The flowers of many of the varieties presented are double or semi-double, which looks especially good. These include Galleri Pablo and Singer.


Variety of the Galleri collection

Bush height, cm

Flower diameter, cm





Pink with yellow base (salmon)

Art Deco



Brick Peach

Art Fair



White with a yellow core

Art Nouveau







Pink with yellow center








From the yellow heart to the pink ends of the petals








Red bottom peach top

La Tour



Lavender with crimson veins








Yellow with pink border




White with pink veins

Growing Dahlia Gallery

Another positive quality of this collection is that many varieties bloom quite early and bloom before the cold snap in September. This is at least three months of bright blooming! For example, the Galleri Art Nouveau dahlia, the Galleri Valentine dahlia, and the Galleri Monet are capable of blooming at the end of May.

The plant is unpretentious in care and cultivation. It is important to select a good store and locate a planting site. The conditions are quite standard for many colors:

  • a sunny place (if it is a shaded area, sunlight should illuminate the dahlias for at least 6 hours);
  • protection from cold and gusty winds.

As for the planting scheme, for curb plants, the distance between the bushes should be at least 15 centimeters.

Dahlias love soil rich in humus, but there are no problems with growing them both on acidic soils and on sandy soils. Although for pH above 6.7, it is better to reduce acidity by any means possible.

Superphosphate and rotted manure can be used as fertilizers. In principle, this is quite enough. Dahlia dislikes only one predecessor - the aster, since in this case the tuber can be damaged by the virus.

We present to our readers a detailed video on how to properly plant dahlias of any varieties:

You need to dig a hole three times larger than the volume of the tuber itself. When planting, it is already possible to introduce humus into the soil. The root collar should be two to three centimeters below soil level. In hot weather, dahlias are watered abundantly, they like sufficient watering, but they die from excessive moisture.

Low-growing varieties are used for high and low flowerpots, borders, flower beds and rabatok. For example, the dahlia Gallery Art Fair is white. It will look great against the background of a green lawn, coniferous, brightly flowering shrubs. Scarlet and pink flowers also look good against greenery. Traditionally, the tubers of low-growing plants are dug up for the winter and stored in a cool, dark place, protected from frost. Propagation by cuttings, dividing the tuber. It is very difficult to propagate a dahlia by grafting.

To provide these varieties with lush flowering for five months, you must follow the simple conditions described above. It's very simple.

Reviews of dahlias Gallery

There are a lot of reviews on the Internet about these new generation dahlias. Let's take a look at some of them.

Victoria Bazhenova, Stavropol

For a very long time I was looking for the perfect flower for flowerpots. I stopped at the decorative dahlia Galleri, which I accidentally saw on the Internet. I was lucky to find three of them: Dahlia Galleri Salvador, Latour and Valentine. Blossom magnificently! I planted them in early May, and in early June they have already blossomed. The bushes are low, not more than half a meter, and the flowers are large like those of tall dahlias. Dahlia colors are gorgeous! Will decorate any garden!

Nikolay Sh., Voronezh

I have recently grown dahlias, I have both tall varieties and short ones. I use them for their intended purpose - for curbs. One of the varieties is the Galleri Matisse dahlia. It blooms with bright orange flowers, they are large, lush. As if someone with a thin brush ran red over them. One problem is that this plant is very fond of aphids. Anyone who decides to decorate his garden with dahlias should be ready for this. I am waging an uncompromising struggle with aphids with store products. Dahlia Galleri La Tour is already lying with me and is waiting for the spring to disembark.


Dahlias from the Gallery collection are magnificent ornamental plants to decorate any garden. They will appeal to all gardeners, without exception!

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