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Quince has incomprehensible small fruits

I have such a problem. I bought a quince seedling in the bazaar. The saleswoman insisted that it was a variety of quince "apple". The tree began to bloom, quite abundantly. When it came to the fruit, it turned out that my quince was somehow “wrong” - it would give birth to very small quailows. The fruits are really small, the size of a plum, but not quince. Maybe someone knows what's wrong with my quince?


Maybe you got Japanese quince instead of ordinary garden quince? Japanese quince belongs to another genus of plants - the genome Henomeles, the fruits of the genomeles also resemble apples, like apple quince. I have two bushes of Japanese quince. They are both very decorative and not whimsical, but they belong to different varieties, so one blooms in orange and the other in red and pink. In autumn, all branches are covered with small fruits. The taste of fruits on one bush is very sour with a strong quince aroma, on the other bush it is almost not sour and the aroma is also less. I really like to cook jam from these fruits. It turns out tasty, aromatic, you do not need to add lemon to it for acidity, as it is done when garden quince is boiled.