Scorched row: description and photo

Scorched row: description and photo

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The singed row belongs to the Tricholoma genus, the Ryadovkovy family. The name of the mushroom in Latin Gyrophila ustalis is translated in the same way as ryadovka tanned or burnt, it is widely known in Europe as "burnt knight".

Where the scorched rows grow

The representative can often be found in deciduous forests. It is widespread in temperate climates and grows in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. The fruiting season is in autumn. The mycelium forms an ectotrophic mycorrhiza with a beech, braiding the roots of the tree with a dense network. But the presence of beech is not a prerequisite for existence, sometimes mycelium grows in mixed forests.

How scorched rows look like

The mushroom got its name due to the characteristic brown color of the fruit body, reminiscent of a sunburn. The diameter of the cap is from 3 to 10 cm, in young specimens it is convex, conical, sometimes with an edge tucked inward. As it grows, the cap becomes flat, it has a sticky surface with a chestnut sheen.

The plates are frequent, with notches, attached to the pedicle. At a young age, they are creamy or pale yellow; as the fruiting body ages, they acquire a pale brown tint with red-brown spots. Fungal spores are white, elliptical.

The leg is thin, cylindrical, 1 to 2.5 cm thick, 3-9 cm long. At the base, it thickens slightly, has a brown color, and is whitish at the top. The mushroom pulp has a cucumber or mealy aroma and a white color; at the cut point it changes color to brown.

Is it possible to eat scorched rows

In Japan, the scorched row accounts for 30% of all mushroom poisoning. Japanese scientists conducted laboratory studies and revealed a high content of toxins in these fruits. The ustalic acid and related compounds are also found in other poisonous members of the Tricholoma genus.

Studies of the toxic properties were carried out on mice, which, after force-feeding, froze motionless, bending to the side. Soon, the rodents began to tremor and involuntary contractions of the abdominal muscles.

How to distinguish scorched rows

The scorched rows are similar to some conditionally edible species from the Tricholoma genus. For example, a brown-yellow row or Tricholoma fiavobrunneum has a similar color. But it is larger in size. The height of the leg can reach 12-15 cm, most often it grows in deciduous forests, forming mycorrhiza with birch.

Another conditionally edible species that vaguely resembles the scorched ryadovka is the lashanka or Tricholoma albobrunneum, which often forms mycorrhiza with pine. These mushrooms have similar shape and diameter of the cap, length and thickness of the stem. Even brown coloration and dark spots on a light hymenophore can be misleading. Of course, no one would think of picking poisonous mushrooms, but they are often put in a basket, thinking that these are edible rows of white and brown.

The scorched row differs from the described conditionally edible species in darker plates and ectomycorrhizal combination with beech. But in young specimens, the hymenophores are light, sometimes they are found in mixed forests where there are conifers, therefore, with the slightest doubt, it is better to refuse to harvest the mushroom harvest.

Poisoning symptoms

Scorched rows cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Spasms and severe pains begin in the abdominal region, tremors of the whole body. The first symptoms appear 1-6 hours after eating mushroom dishes. Mild malaise soon develops into severe food poisoning.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea begins, the work of the cardiovascular system is disrupted and orientation in space becomes difficult. It is impossible to wait for the manifestation of all these symptoms in full, the victim needs to immediately receive first aid, which will facilitate recovery. Toxins are found in mushroom pulp in large quantities, with quick help, the chances of a successful outcome increase.

First aid for poisoning

If you feel unwell and severe abdominal pain after eating mushroom dishes, you must immediately call an ambulance. Before her arrival, they cleanse the stomach, give an enema. They drink a large amount of liquid, and press on the root of the tongue, causing a gag reflex. You can drink any sorbent that you can find in your home medicine cabinet.


The scorched ryadovka is an inedible toxic mushroom that can often be found in the forest in the fall. Inexperienced mushroom pickers sometimes confuse it with conditionally edible representatives of the mushroom kingdom from the Ryadovok genus.

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