Soaked cloudberry

Soaked cloudberry

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Cloudberry is not just a tasty northern berry, but a whole range of vitamins and nutrients. Soaked cloudberries are a way to preserve the benefits of the berry for as long as possible. The berry can be prepared in several ways, but this workpiece does not have heat treatment, which means that useful properties are preserved.

The benefits of soaked cloudberries

Cloudberry, unlike its relative, raspberry, does not become puree with age. If the recipe is followed correctly, the northern delicacy will retain its shape over a long period. The best way is storage in the form of unripe raw materials. The berry in an unripe state is stronger and will not let the juice earlier. This will allow you to keep the delicacy for more than one month.

There are several methods for preparing a workpiece:

  • with sugar;
  • sugarless;
  • pouring with honey solution.

Each housewife chooses to her taste and tends to a convenient cooking method for her. This type of product is healthier than cooking for jam.

What does soaked cloudberry help with?

Northern berry helps with colds, and is also an excellent diuretic and antimicrobial agent. It helps well with urolithiasis and stimulates the digestive tract. And also the berry helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, and in the presence of purulent wounds, the fruits of the northern delicacy are tied to the damaged areas.

Ways to make soaked cloudberries

The preparation methods for the delicacy differ depending on the ingredients available and the desired result. These are options using sugar, spices, or just water.

Classic Soaked Cloudberry Recipe

The classic recipe for the treat includes the following ingredients:

  • litere of water;
  • 200 g sugar;
  • berries any amount.

Place the berries in a clean, sterilized container. Make sweet syrup from water and sugar. The finished syrup should cool, then pour the raw materials over them and cover everything first with a cloth, then with a lid. You can eat a prepared dessert in 3 months.

How to make soaked cloudberries without sugar and without honey

The recipe is perfect for those who cannot eat sweets, for example, diabetics. The berry is poured into sterilized glass dishes and poured with clean boiled water. Then it is sealed with a lid, you can also roll it up. Store the workpiece in a cool room with a temperature not exceeding 10 ° C.

Soaked cloudberries with honey

Sugar is easily replaced with honey to increase the usefulness of the product. To do this, honey is simply added to warm boiled water at the rate of 3-4 tablespoons per half a liter of water. The syrup will be quite sweet, but otherwise storage is no different from a simple berry without the use of honey.

Soaked cloudberry with spices

For lovers of desserts with a pleasant taste and aroma, there is a recipe for cooking using spices. In such a recipe, in addition to water and sugar, it is necessary to add cardamom, star anise, as well as cloves and cinnamon.

Cool the boiling water, add spices, sugar and pour over the dessert. Be sure to put oppression on top.

A simple recipe for soaked cloudberries with honey and ginger

This is a great opportunity to strengthen your immune system in winter. Ingredients:

  • 100 g of ginger root;
  • 250 ml of honey;
  • berries - 1 kg.

The step-by-step cooking algorithm is simple:

  1. Chop the ginger and place in a glass dish.
  2. Fill in raw materials.
  3. Make syrup from water and honey.
  4. Suck out the resulting syrup.
  5. Pour over the fruit.
  6. Roll up.

Store in a cool place.

Soaked cloudberries in a wooden barrel

Our ancestors kept the northern beauty not in glass jars, but in wooden tubs. If there is one, then it is enough to scald it with boiling water, and immediately before filling the product with rum or other strong alcohol. In such a container, the product will acquire a pleasant, mild taste, and will also retain all the useful properties for a long time.

How to store soaked cloudberries

To store a treat for a long time, a number of conditions must be observed:

  • the container must be tightly closed;
  • the temperature in the room should not exceed 10 ° C;
  • direct sunlight is prohibited.

If all conditions are met, the harvest from the northern bogs can be stored not only for months, but also for years. At the same time, not only the taste, but vitamins, beneficial properties, and aroma will be completely preserved. The main condition for the safety of fruits in this case is precisely their constant presence in water. The berries should not dry out - this is an important condition.


Soaked cloudberries are not just a tasty treat, but a complete cure for many diseases. If properly prepared, observe the storage conditions, then in a wooden tub the dessert can be stored for years without losing its taste and aroma properties.

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