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What are good varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers (Vologda region)

Hello, I would like to know what varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers you were satisfied with and when to plant them on seedlings? We live in the Vologda region, I wanted to buy seeds, but there is such a huge selection.


We love cucumbers Courage. Like seeds of Kirov breeding, even in cold and rainy summer crops are always good

Patti !!! Cucumbers

Herman. Courage.

And when to plant seedlings?

Cucumbers: Herman, Courage, Cupid. Tomatoes: Monastic meal, Vologda, Black Sea, Sanka, Lyuban.

Connie's cucumbers (I sow immediately into the ground under cut bottles). Tomatoes De Barao, Bison, Mazarini (seedlings in early March). Kaluga region.

Cucumbers Granddaughter, Hedgehogs, Tomatoes planted undersized, but a lot of fruits are tied to them - Alaska, Fighter (red and yellow)

Yes, I forgot- Leningrad Region

Cucumbers dragonfly mazarin tomatoes

Kirov breeding is the only zoned for all light zones of Russia ... in any weather conditions it gives a high yield. And of course, the Chelyabinsk selection is very good.

thanks to all.!