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How to grow Pepino Consuelo (Moscow region)

How to grow Pepino Consuelo (Moscow region)

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Finally found the seeds of Pepino Consuelo. Put on germination. Tell us about the features of growing in the suburbs (southwest). When grown in a large pot (about 10-12 liters) is it realistic to get a result? What are the features of top dressing?


But Google why, silent chtol? ...

You started to germinate too late. In your case, it will bloom only in August-September. If you have good lighting at home, there may be a result. I dug from a greenhouse and brought home an already flowering bush - I did not succeed.

he himself does not plant.

on the package it says 160-180 days from germination to maturation. and I have already pecked one seed. I was hoping to have time to collect in September. my greenhouse is very warm.

do not be offended, please it is very meritorious that you are experimenting with plants so rare for us, it’s another matter if you asked what you planted, but you didn’t succeed, etc., and so, you ask what you can ask Siri, for example ... IMHO

Natasha, and what will Siri answer me? Will give from several sites with instructions for growing. I even got one or two discussion forums (I didn’t find any experience in the Moscow region). And I want to find out from those who grow it in my region (again, the land is different everywhere) what are the prospects for getting a crop. I'm afraid neither Google, nor Siri, nor Yandex will tell me how to plant in my land correctly (or maybe it’s not worth it in the garden at all), at what average daily it is possible to go to the greenhouse (sites make info February-May planting in the greenhouse) and which is better the greenhouse. The sites have general infa, and you can only find those who planted or planted on similar resources. In the end, I want to understand if it’s worth it to venture seriously and set aside land, a kind that will yield a crop

I planted in a film greenhouse at the end of May, along with tomatoes in one garden.

got a crop? When?

There was no harvest, t. K. I already wrote, it was too late to germinate the seeds (at the end of January), the bush bloomed, even small ovaries were there, but since it was already September, I dug up the bush and took it to the apartment, and there it wasn’t enough the sun and he safely showered and withered.

Friends, I want to plant seedlings of phlox perennial, and they write about complex winter winters, mostly. Maybe someone knows a simpler way? You can, for example, plant them on seedlings as annual phloxes !? Or it will not work. And when to plant?

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