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Growing seedlings in the winter on the windowsill

Please tell me, in October, I dug up an annual sapling of remontant strawberries on a neutral day. Planted it in nutrient soil, in a pot. Poured a weak solution of vermicompost, hung a fluorescent lamp over it. In the ground, the bush felt fine, but in the room the skull literally 5 days leaves began to dry up, turn brown. I was afraid that this variety would disappear and urgently dropped it back into the ground. Please tell me what to do with seedlings dug from open ground for growing in the winter on the windowsill. Thanks in advance.


Elena, digging up a plant not in the spring, i.e., before the growing season, there is always a risk of damage to the root system. Moreover, if we are talking about a repair plant, which means that its vegetation (growth) ends only with frost. Another significant point is the temperature difference between outdoor and home conditions, which also enhances the shock state for the plant as a whole.

There are at least two ways to solve this problem. It is necessary to dig out with a sufficiently large lump of earth and, moving it to the desired capacity, do not immediately bring it into the heat, but gradually. For example, first in a shady veranda or “dressing room”. And the second option is to grow houses from seeds immediately, then putting pots on the balcony, as soon as weather conditions permit, so that the plant does not stretch unnecessarily. With night frosts, of course, they should be at home.