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Rockwool to create a lawn

Good day. Tell me, please, is it possible to use mineral wool to create a lawn in a living room and grow ornamental plants on an area of ​​5-6 square meters. How to organize drainage? Thanks 🙂 Olga


It is possible, but I would not advise. Its components - mineral fibers, resins that bind them, which reduce the moisture absorption of the impregnation - cause serious diseases of the respiratory tract, eyes, and skin in people. It is better to plant the seeds first in flower pots, and then put them in a pot or container - it will be more convenient to water and it is easier to care for plants. When the plants sprout, you can make a decorative composition - add artificial flowers, plastic hearts, ribbons, bows - in a word that the fantasy tells. It is advisable to attach all the decorations to a wire or plastic skewer and stick them into the ground, then during watering they will not get dirty and will look elegant.

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