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Distinctive features of the apple tree "Mantet"

Distinctive features of the apple tree "Mantet"

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Apple trees are grown not only in large garden farms, but also in summer cottages. The wide popularity of this fruit tree is due not only to the unpretentiousness of the plant, but also to the highest taste, as well as the undoubted benefit of ripe and juicy fruits. Most often zoned varieties of apple trees are planted, which are bred specifically for cultivation in certain climatic conditions, where they are able to show full-fledged yields. The basic description of popular varieties is publicly available, and each summer resident can choose the appropriate variety.

Grade Features

Apple trees of the common Canadian Mantet variety have earned numerous positive reviews from gardeners. The breeding of the variety was the result of natural pollination of seedlings of the widely known Russian variety "Moscow Grushovka". The withdrawal site was the Morden experimental station.

Apple tree "Mantet" is a popular summer variety. Fruit trees are zoned and entered into the State Register for several regions. The variety is characterized by insignificant similarity with Moscow Grushovka. Mantet apples are favorably distinguished by their enlarged sizes and the best indicators of taste.

Apple tree description

Fruit trees have a rather sparse, oval-shaped crown, which is formed from very powerful skeletal branches rushing up. Skeletal branches reach not too large sizes. The main fruiting is observed on the glove. All crown-forming shoots have a brown bark. They have crankiness and pubescence.

Foliage of a leathery type, pronounced green, shiny. The leaves are quite large, in shape resembling an elongated ellipse. The end of the leaves is long, elongated, directed upward. At the base, there is a sharpness. Non-pubescent leaf blades, even, with a smooth surface and weak undulation.

Petiole part thickened and long, with a slight deviation from the shoot part. Petioles have a pronounced anthocyanin color. Stipules are characterized by an awl-shaped shape and small size. Leafy buds are convex, conical in shape, with unexpressed pubescence, medium in size.

The flowers on the fruit trees of the Mantet cultivar form rather large, saucer-shaped. The buds are characterized by a delicate whitish-pink hue with a slight purple tint. The petal part is paler and has a light pink color. Oblong in shape and adjacent type apple tree flowers are complemented by shortened pestles. The stigmas of the pistils are located slightly below the anther.

Fruit Description

Mantet apples are most often of medium size. The standard weight of one fruit is more than 0.18 kg. The shape is round, slightly oblong or slightly conical. On the apical part of the formed fruit, a slight ribbing is observed.

The main coloring of apples of this variety is greenish yellow. After a short storage, the fruits become slightly yellow. The presence of a red speckled or striped blush on an orange background is characteristic.

The peel on apples is smooth, quite thin and delicate. The funnel is narrow, small. The parameters of the size of the stem can vary, depending on the position of the fetus. Most often, the stalks have a thickening on the end part.

The cup is both closed and ajar. The seed chamber is large, open or semi-open type. The seed material is quite small, dark brown. Seeds are trihedral, with slight dullness on the end part.

Summer varieties of apple trees

Chemical composition and use

Mantet apples favorably differ in significant juiciness and sweet, harmonious taste. In ripened fruits, sourness is felt very weakly. Fruits have excellent dessert qualities. A characteristic of fragrant and delicate pulp is a pleasant white shade.

The chemical composition inherent in apples of this variety is as follows:

  • sugar content at 10%;
  • titrated acid content does not exceed 1%;
  • the content of pectin substances slightly exceeds 10%;
  • the ascorbic acid content is 11 milligrams per 100 grams of apples;
  • the content of P-active substances slightly exceeds 370 milligrams per 100 grams of apples.

Obvious advantages of the Mantet apple tree are excellent taste characteristics of ripened fruits, as well as the possibility of obtaining a very early harvest.

In conditions of not too severe climate with mild winters and warm, long summers, fruit ripening occurs at the end of July and can continue until the last days of August, which depends on the cultivation area and weather factors.

Features of planting and care

This variety is recommended for cultivation in the Oryol regionwhere ripening is observed as early as possible. Trees of the Mantet variety are characterized by stable early maturity. Young plants have a constant and high yield. Gardeners should take into account the fact that adult fruit trees of this variety quite often produce unstable productivity, which can alternate for several years.

A large number of ovaries on a tree very often leads to chopping of fruits. One of the most important drawbacks of the variety is the susceptibility of plants to scab damage. A very high level of damage to foliage and apples is observed in wet summer conditions. Among the shortcomings can also be attributed a fairly extended period of ripening apples. Another important minus is the average winter hardiness of fruit trees of this variety.

We also suggest that you learn about the varietal characteristics of the apple trees of the variety "Saffron Pepin".

Harvesting and storage

It is extremely undesirable to delay the time of collecting the already ripened harvest of Mantet apples, which is due to the tendency of ripe fruits to quickly ripen. The marketability of ripened apples of this variety is reduced, and the shelf life of the collected fruits is extremely short: as a rule, it does not exceed two weeks.

How to prune an apple tree in autumn

The Mantet variety is recommended for gardeners who want to get an apple crop as early as possible. Adults, formed and fruiting apple trees, subject to all agrotechnical measures, will allow you to enjoy delicious fruits in July.

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