Characteristics and features of the cultivation of apple trees "Richard"

Characteristics and features of the cultivation of apple trees "Richard"

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Apples are the most common fruit in our country. In Russia, a special love for apples is due to the ability to grow a large crop of ripe fruits without problems, and also to preserve it for a long time.

The fruits of the apple tree are not only consumed fresh, but also serve as raw materials in cooking in the manufacture of a variety of dishes and fortified drinks. Apples have all the beneficial substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body, regardless of age.

Grade Features

Apple tree "Richard" is grown by domestic gardeners-amateurs quite rarely. Description of this variety is not easy to find. According to some reports, the variety appeared by chance and was found two centuries ago on the territory of Kerkhov near Wittenburg in Germany. Judging by other historical sources, the variety was not of random origin, but was bred in Kerch by the efforts of Pastor Kliphot.

In Russia, seedlings of this variety are known as Richard Yellow. Variety of apple trees "Richard" is a favorite among gardeners in East Prussia. In addition, it is this variety that is common for industrial cultivation in Germany.

The advantages of the variety are represented by good taste, a long shelf life of the fruit, and high resistance to disease.

Grade description

Fruit trees of this variety have moderate growth strength and frost resistance. The crown on the tree is formed translucent, tall and spherical. Fruit plantations of the variety "Richard" are quite demanding on cultivation conditions. A plant needs heavy, slightly damp soil and moist air. In addition, the place of planting of seedlings should be protected as much as possible from gusts of wind. Cultivation of the variety using light and dry soil is allowed only with an artificial irrigation system.

Trees enter fruiting late enough, yield moderate crops. The flowering period is medium early, quite long. Apples are elegant, symmetrically built, having an average size. Quite often, large-sized fruits are found that have a slight ribbing, which is formed from one edge. The shape can be defined as truncated conical. Fruits are characterized by single-caliber.

Apples on the trees do not hold too firmly, which is especially noticeable in the autumn period. When approaching the botanical maturity, the fruits easily fall off from the slightest gust of wind. The stalks are thick and short, not protruding beyond the deep funnel. The skin of the fruit is slightly aromatic, smooth, very thin and has a pale yellow color. On sunny days, the fruits may acquire a slight blush. The seed material is quite small.

In adverse weather conditions, a significant damage to plants by scab is observed.

How to plant an apple tree

Chemical composition and application

The pulp of the fruit has a yellowish stain, quite tender and juicy. The taste is characterized as sweet with a slight spicy aftertaste and a slight acidity. Fruits contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C, as well as antioxidants.

Fiber contained in apples is able to stimulate intestinal motility and reduces the risk of oncology. In addition, ripe fruits are good for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, with weight loss and to lower cholesterol.

Planting and Care Rules

Growing an apple tree of this variety requires experience in gardening. It is very important to correctly determine the landing site. The plant is very demanding on the soil and in dry summers or in conditions of depleted soil can die.

Planting of seedlings is carried out in standard planting holes, which must be prepared at least a week before planting. High-quality soil should be as moist as possible. In order to facilitate standard care, it is recommended to use special irrigation systems for watering fruit stands.

You can also learn about the features of Antonov apples.

Harvesting and storage

The ripening of the fruits of this variety is quite friendly. The removable period falls on the first decade of autumn. It should be borne in mind that apples fall quite easily, so it is not recommended to delay the collection of ripened fruits.

How to prune an apple tree

On the territory of the southern regions, it is advisable to carry out mass harvesting in mid-August. The signal for the collection of fruits is the lightening and slight yellowing of the green peel on the apples. The collected fruits can be stored until mid-October, and sometimes even more, subject to storage rules and temperature conditions in the apple storage.


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