Features apple variety "Dream"

The apple tree belongs to fruit trees, most common in personal plots and cottages of our country. These plants are quite unpretentious and winter-hardy. With the right choice of varieties in accordance with the description and with a focus on reviews, you can get a high crop of healthy and tasty fruits.

Variety Essentials

Apple tree "Dream" refers to the summer varieties from the selection of the Institute of Horticulture named after I.V. Michurin. The plant was obtained by crossing two widely known and very popular varieties in our country. The initial parent material at the selection stage was the varieties Papirovka and Pepin saffron. Fruit trees of this variety can often be found in collective farms, as well as in private gardens of central Russia.

General indicators of winter hardiness of the apple variety "Dream" are at a fairly high level. The plant is quite resistant to scab damage, as well as other diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The main advantage of this variety is very elegant fruits with excellent taste indicators. In addition, the apple tree of this variety is characterized by high productivity, early maturity and increased winter hardiness.

The main disadvantages of the variety are represented by the short storage of fruits, as well as the frequency of fruiting under unfavorable conditions for the plant. In addition, the apple tree is prone to tearing fruit and cracking when performing irregular irrigation at the ripening stage. Many gardeners noted poor "survival" of apple trees with clonal stocks.

Grade description

Medium-sized apple trees of the Dream variety have a spreading, round-conical crown. The tree does not look too compact and requires careful care of the crown.

Fruits have medium and large sizes. The weight of one fruit varies from 100 to 200 grams. The largest fruits grow on dwarf rootstocks. The formation of smaller fruits, weighing no more than 150 grams, can be observed on the seed stock.

Apples of this variety are characterized by pronounced one-dimensionality and have the correct round shape. The main fruit coloration is greenish-white with a slight yellowness. The integumentary color is represented by the streaky form of a pink-red or pronounced carmine blush, which is formed on the sunny side of the fruits.

Apples of this variety are characterized by snow-white juicy pulp with a pleasant pinkish tinge. The texture of the pulp is friable, the aroma is weak. The taste is balanced, sweet and sour. The tasting score is 4.5 points.

In apple trees grafted on seed stocks, the onset of the first fruiting occurs in the fourth year. As a rule, in the presence of favorable weather and climatic conditions, trees on dwarf rootstocks begin the phase of active fruiting in the second year.

Average yields are equal to 100 kilograms of fruit from each tree. The maximum yield reaches 150 kilograms. It is very important to remember that the variety is prone to periodic fruiting with a dormancy of one year, which is observed in the presence of adverse weather factors, for example, harsh winters, dry and too hot summers, as well as too depleted soil. Regular soil recharge significantly affects the condition and fruiting of trees.

Apple tree "Dream"

Chemical composition and application

Most gardeners know that the chemical composition of apples largely depends not only on the plant variety, but also on the conditions under which fruit is grown and the harvest is stored. In addition, the degree of maturity and the duration of storage of the fruit, as well as the agricultural techniques used in the cultivation, should be taken into account.

The approximate chemical composition of apples of the variety "Dream":

  • the amount of saturated fatty acids is 0.1 grams;
  • the amount of starch - 0.8 grams;
  • the number of monosaccharides and disaccharides - 9 grams;
  • the amount of unsaturated fatty acids - 0.1 grams;
  • the amount of water is 86.3 grams;
  • the amount of organic acids - 0.8 grams;
  • the amount of dietary fiber - 1.8 grams;
  • the amount of carbohydrates - 9.8 grams;
  • the amount of fat - 0.4 grams;
  • the amount of protein is 0.4 grams.

The total calorie content is just over 40 kilocalories, which allows the use of Dream apples in diet food.

You can also learn about the features of apple trees of the Moscow Winter variety by reading the previously published article on our resource.

Planting and Care Rules

Immediately before planting for an apple tree, you should dig a planting hole with a depth of about 70 centimeters. Usually, standard dimensions of the landing pit do not exceed 1 x 1 meter. Such sizes are convenient for planting and comfortable for the plant.

When planting several fruit trees of this variety, a distance of 4 meters should be left between the planting pits. At the stage of digging a pit, under a seedling of an apple tree, a fertile soil layer and a less fertile soil should be separated.

It is recommended to prepare a pit for planting an apple tree at least a week before planting. The bottom of the pit needs to be raked to the depth of one bayonet of a shovel. An egg shell has a good property, which should be mixed with mineral fertilizers and humus. The prepared mixture should be mixed with soil and sent to the landing pit.

Particular attention requires constant watering of young fruit trees, and the apple tree cultivar "Dream" is no exception. It is necessary to carry out regular preventive measures against various diseases, as well as pests. In addition, timely feeding should be carried out. In the first year of life, apple trees need nitrogen fertilizers, therefore, in the spring, root dressing is necessary.

Summer varieties of apple trees: a brief description

The main peak of ripening apples variety "Dream" falls on the first decade of August. The fruits are stored for no more than two months. The universal destination category allows these apples to be used not only for fresh consumption, but also for a variety of preservation and processing for long-term storage.

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