Grapes "Syrah": Classical and unsurpassed grade

Grapes "Syrah", or "Shiraz", has the scientific name Vitis vinifera 'Syrah'. Today, almost universal cultivation of this variety is noted in countries that are engaged in the production of wine.

The variety is most widely spread in the southern provinces of France, where it is known as Syrah grapes. In addition, the variety is grown in Australia, Italy, America, South Africa, Chile and Argentina.

The origin of the grape "Syrah"

The history of the origin of the Syrah grape is associated with one of the most ancient cities of Iran with the name Shiraz. According to legend, it was in this city that they were actively engaged in winemaking and made the famous Shirazi wine. Then the variety migrated to the French region of the Alps, where it spread under the already well-known name "Syrah".

At the end of the last century, a number of studies were conducted, the results of which allow us to confidently prove that this variety, as well as the parent line, represented by varieties Mondeuse blanche and Durezahave the same origin, whose roots are in the southeastern part of France.

Grade characteristics

Grapes "Syrah" refers to the technical red grape varieties that are widely used in the production of red and pink wines. Ripening period is average. The variety has a low level of productivity, which is the key to a good taste of the resulting wine. The synonyms of the variety are “Shiraz”, “Seri”, “Black Servan”, “Petit-Syrah”, in the past the variety was known under the name “Hermitage”.

Biological description

According to one of the latest hypotheses, Syrah grapes are an indigenous grape variety that is a direct descendant of the vines from the family Vitis allobrogica. Grapes of this variety have great potential for development and ripening, due to the unique ability to adapt to almost any climatic conditions.

Bushes have an average level of growth. Leaves of medium size, rounded, three-lobed or five-lobed, with insufficiently pronounced dissection. On the lower part of the leaf, a slight cobwebly pubescence is noticeable. Characteristic is the presence of an open petiolar notch of a lyre-shaped or vaulted shape. Bisexual flowers. A grape cluster of medium size, cylindrical-conical. The brush structure has medium density.

Technical characteristics of berries

The fully ripened grapes of this variety have an oval shape and a relatively dense, light-colored flesh, which is covered with purple, closer to the black color, skin. The optimal balance of total sugars and acidity makes the variety very popular in winemaking.

The sugar content of fully ripened berries varies depending on the region of cultivation. For varieties in Australia, sugar rates range from 15 to 19%. When growing grapes of this variety in Europe, sugar indicators range from 16 to 21%.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Grapes "Syrah" did not find sufficient distribution in our country. Many amateur growers engaged in the cultivation of grapes in household plots are not very familiar with this variety. Nevertheless, Syrah grapes have certain advantages and disadvantages:

  • despite the thermophilic, the variety grows quite well in areas with a cool climate;
  • has a balanced amount of sugars and acids;
  • low productivity;
  • the optimal amount of juice;
  • the opportunity to use in winemaking with high-quality wine.

In addition, the variety is characterized by high resistance to damage to various diseases dangerous to vineyards. Syrah easily adapts to almost any soil composition.

Characteristics of the wine "Shiraz"

Famous wines from Shiraz grapes

Vine vine "Syrah" capable of bearing fruit for a hundred or more years. The older the vine is, the more valuable is the juice obtained from its berries. The taste of wine that is produced in Australia will have some differences from the taste of wine from Syrah grapes grown in the French provinces.

Any wine made from grapes of this variety has a dark color and has a high content of tannins. A special feature is the bitter-sweet, pronounced spicy, with berry notes aroma. Syrah is the main and sometimes the only variety that is included in the popular and famous French wines. Côte rôtie and Heritage. In addition, grapes serve as the basis that gives structure to a significant portion of blends in France, including Châteauneuf du Pape.

Manufacturers produce a seperate or monosortic version of “Shiraz”, which can add saturation, as well as colors and tannins, to the blends of the Côte du Rhone style. Usually, a combination is used with varieties such as Grenache, Mourvedre, Counoise and Cinsault.

In young wines based on “Shiraz”, or “Syrah”, the presence of pepper, pleasant spices, molasses, and sometimes wood tar is always felt. After several years of aging, the wine is ennobled with velvety notes of blackberry, black currant or acquires a very pronounced raspberry finish. Wines based on Syrah grapes tend to age after five years. For wines using Shiraz, young drinks that are used for two years are more suitable.

The name of the wine from the grape "Syrah"Manufacturer countryFeaturesTasting rating
Vinho regional tejoPortugalPleasant garnet color, with a delicate and delicate violet aroma, as well as blueberry, barberry notes. Light taste combined with elegant fruity and spicy touches. Ideal for meat dishes.83 points
Oude kaapSouth AfricaDry red wine from the importer of La-Vinchi. It has a dark garnet color and a little sweetish, with a pronounced fruity aroma, with a subtle complement of notes of spices and spices. Served with meat dishes and smoked meats.83 points
Santa helena varietal shirazChileIt has a garnet color, a fascinating aroma with pepper and berry flavor and hints of paprika, as well as an aroma where red or black currants, blueberries, and light floral nuances are traced. The presence of spicy pepper aftertaste. The perfect complement to grilled meats.84 points
Ralo syrahItalyThe color scheme is dark cherry with plum tones and subtle notes inherent in mint, sage. The presence of tobacco-spicy aftertaste. The perfect complement to light meat snacks.81 points
Bellingham shirazSouth AfricaOriginal dark ruby ​​color with an elegant, slightly restrained aroma, and the presence of cherry, barberry and floral tones. There are spicy berry notes, framed by the maturity of tannins and vanilla. The best option for roast lamb.86 points
Palacio Quemado PQ AlvearSpainIt has a black and garnet color and volumetric aroma, with the presence of ripe and dark fruit tones, at the level of jam. A fruity and slightly spicy taste that best matches dark meat and balsamic sauces.88 points.

Gardeners reviews

At present, winegrowers are of the opinion that the varieties "Syrah" and "Shiraz" are one and the same grape variety, which is not entirely true. If in France “Syrah” is a grape suitable for the manufacture of standard mineral and strong wines in which there is a resin aroma with the addition of molasses or aristocratic truffles and a characteristic pepper, then for Australia “Shiraz” is always bright and extremely juicy wines, with a predominance of plum or chocolate shades.

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